New York Knicks City Edition Jerseys Revealed With Tribute Video

new york knicks city jerseys 2021-22

Getty Kemba Walker celebrating.

The New York Knicks unveiled their new City Edition jerseys along with the rest of the NBA on November.

At first glance, it looks like the vast majority of them are simply tweaked throwback jerseys, there are still some standouts. Miami’s looks to be among one of the nicer ones of the bunch, and Atlanta fans are definitely going to like seeing the return of the massive hawk logo.

The Knicks don’t particularly have a standout look for theirs, but they do appear to be a step up from last season’s selection. A video announcement was created by the Knicks that stars new signing Kemba Walker and is narrated by former Knicks All-Star Allan Houston.

In the video, fans get a look at the Knicks through the years as they celebrate their long history as a storied franchise.

New City Jerseys

The roughly minute and half long video shows Kemba Walker putting on the jersey while Houston narrates a variety of famous Knicks moments over the years.

New York is celebrating 75 years of the Knicks this season, so this type of video makes sense, and this year’s squad is hoping to produce a few memorable moments of their own to make a highlight reel like this.

Despite their long history, the Knicks only have two NBA Championships to their name, and the most recent division title came in 2013. This year’s team has gotten off to a fast start, and with the Nets struggling to start the season, this means the door could be open for a division title run.

There’s a lot of season left and that means there are still many games left to be played, but things are looking promising so far. With a deep bench filled with shooters, the Knicks can compete with anybody on any given night.

City Jersey Schedule

Remember, this isn’t NBA 2K so the teams can’t just wear whatever jersey they’d like for each game. Instead, there’s a schedule that indicates when they’ll be wearing something.

Knicks fans who want to watch the team compete in these new jerseys will be able to do so beginning November 23 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Los Angeles Lakers: November 23 (Home)
  • Phoenix Suns: November 26 (Home)
  • Boston Celtics: December 18 (Away)
  • Atlanta Hawks: December 25 (Home)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: December 31 (Away)
  • New Orleans Pelicans: January 20 (Home)
  • Brooklyn Nets: February 16 (Home)
  • Miami Heat: February 25 (Home)
  • Phoenix Suns: March 4 (Road)
  • Memphis Grizzlies: March 11 (Road)
  • Washington Wizards: March 18 (Home)
  • Atlanta Hawks: March 22 (Home)
  • Brooklyn Nets: April 6 (Home)

There are plenty of opportunities to catch the team in these special jerseys this year, and many of them will be in matchups against some good teams.

The Knicks have already shown they can hang around with elite teams, but things might be different later on the season. They will especially want to prove themselves against the Hawks, the team who bounced them from the playoffs just last season.

With two shots are the Hawks with the City jerseys on, the opportunity is certainly there.

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