Knicks’ Quentin Grimes Reveals Details of ‘Best 2 Days of Summer’ With 15-Year NBA Vet

Quentin Grimes, New York Knicks

Getty Quentin Grimes of New York Knicks.

New York Knicks starting shooting guard Quentin Grimes described his workout with 15-year NBA veteran-turned-ESPN analyst JJ Redick to SNY’s Ian Begley as the “best two days of his summer.”

“It was probably the best two days I’ve had all summer. A 15-year NBA veteran. Seen it all, done it all, played on multiple teams, played in the playoffs, played in big games,” Grimes told SNY at the USA Basketball camp in Las Vegas on Friday. “So just talking to him, at the gym, at his house. Going to dinner with him with his family. I couldn’t ask for a better two days, honestly.”

According to Begley, Grimes reached out to Redick via social media, and the two shooters hit it off right away in a two-day workout at the Hamptons.

“Got in a real good workout with him, picking his brain about how he comes off pick and rolls, down screens, pin-downs, floppy action,” Grimes said. “Really, just try to take as much as I can from him and incorporate it into … this upcoming season.”

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JJ Redick Predicts Breakout Season for Quentin Grimes

After their workout, Redick gave his props to the up-and-coming Knicks guard on his podcast “The Old Man & the Three.”

“Let’s assume the Knicks don’t make a trade. The guy that could potentially give them another five wins in the regular season and really really help them in the playoffs — I think as much as people talk about [Immanuel] Quickley, Quickley is awesome — is Quentin Grimes. Some improvement offensively. Some improvement in consistency in shooting the basketball. He’s highly competitive and highly energetic. He fits on that team. He fits on that roster. Quentin Grimes is another one. There you go, Knicks fans. There’s some positivity,” Redick said.

Quentin Grimes Applies JJ Redicks’ Lessons

The 39-year-old Redick built a solid 15-year career in the NBA as a 41.5% 3-point shooter. He was a knockdown shooter coming off screens and off the dribble.

Redick’s influence on Grimes was on full display when the Knicks guard helped U.S. Select beat Team USA on two straight 10-minute scrimmages on Friday.

“Just been getting a lot more comfortable with the ball in my hands (in the offseason), making plays for myself and my teammates. Making more plays off the dribble, shooting off the dribble,” Grimes told SNY. “Taking my defense to another notch. I guard the best player almost every night. Really just trying to be a lot more consistent. Try to be in the best shape possible.

“To be effective on the offensive end and guard the best player defensively, you’ve got to be in supreme shape. That’s one of the big things I learned from JJ. The way he was coming off screens. You’ve got to be one of the top (conditioned) guys in the league. So I’m definitely trying to make sure I’m in the best shape possible coming into training camp.”

Per Begley, Grimes will continue his summer workout after the USA Basketball camp with longtime mentor and one-time Knick Penny Hardaway in Memphis. Hardaway has been a constant summer mentor to Grimes since his pre-draft training with the NBA legend and current Memphis Tigers coach.



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