Ex-Knicks Star Stephon Marbury Steps Away From Coaching, Launches ‘Revolutionary’ Business

Former Knicks star Stephon Marbury cheers on

Getty Former New York Knicks Patrick Ewing, Herb Williams, Larry Johnson, John Starks, and Stephon Marbury are seen in attendance during Game Five of the Eastern Conference Second Round Playoffs against the Indiana Pacers at Madison Square Garden.

Former Knicks star Stephon Marbury is back in New York after stepping away from his coaching career in China not only to cheer for his hometown team but also to launch his new business venture.

“I’m not coaching anymore,” Marbury revealed to Heavy Sports during the launch of Chamelo Eyewear at Common Ground Bar in downtown New York on Thursday, May 16.

Marbury, who previously coached the Beijing Royal Fighters after he retired from the Chinese Basketball Association, is now the chief brand officer of Chamelo Eyewear.

Ex-Knicks star Stephon Marbury during Chamelo Eyewear launch

Kyle Ullsperger, BKG Photogrpahy NYCEx-Knicks star Stephon Marbury hyped during his Chamelo Eyewear launch.

“This is revolutionary. It’s a new technology that never has been seen before,” Marbury said, referring to the patented technology of Chamelo eyewear which includes instant color-changing lenses in four hues, hidden built-in speakers and a microphone for bluetooth audio, and the ability to adjust the tint to match the surrounding light in 0.1 seconds.

Marbury sported his trendy and technologically advanced sunglasses, which will be sold at chamelo.com, when he pulled up at Madison Square Garden for the Knicks’ second-round playoff series against the Indiana Pacers.

“[The Knicks] invited me to come back to the game, which was pretty cool,” Marbury told Heavy Sports. “It’s been a great experience being a homegrown kid. I’ve been a big fan since I grew up playing basketball here in New York.”

Marbury said the long-term vision of his eyewear brand is to constantly evolve its technology for generations to come.

“To be a part of Chamelo, I want them to say, ‘Seen different, be different.'”

Full Circle Moment

Marbury, a Coney Island native, relished his return to the Garden, where he once played as a Knickerbocker for five of his colorful 15-year NBA career.

Though his stint with the Knicks did not end well — getting banned from attending Knicks practices and games before agreeing to a buyout in 2009 — Marbury is appreciative of the warm reception he received upon his return.

“My relationship here, it didn’t end well, but it started out good,” Marbury told Heavy Sports. “So there’s a beginning and there’s an end to the story. But here we are, full circle back and focused on helping the team, pushing the team in the right direction, being a positive force field for those on the sideline, giving [the team] maximum energy.”

Marbury is part of the Knicks alumni seated at the baseline section of the Garden. His passionate cheer and dap with another former Knicks star point guard John Starks went viral as they were dubbed as the “AAU Dads” of the current Knicks team.

“That’s exactly what all of us being at the game,” Marbury told Heavy Sports of the viral clip.

While Knicks legends Bernard King and Patrick Ewing are calm in their seats, commenting on the team’s play and strategy, Marbury and Starks are more animated being the team’s hype men and most passionate cheerleaders.

“They strategize,” Marbury said of King and Ewing and the rest of the Knicks alumni row. “Starks and I are out there, we’re getting hyped and we’re screaming, pumping those guys up. It’s really, really positive. And this is all predicated on building the culture and making sure that the coaching can be strengthened in the right way. And I think us getting this opportunity to be able to witness this is really good.”

Stephon Marbury Trusts Jalen Brunson to Lead Knicks to Championship

Marbury, a former two-time NBA All-Star, is excited to watch rising star Jalen Brunson leading the Knicks deep into the postseason, which he failed to do when he was with the team.

“Brunson has solidified himself as a superstar, to me, in [Game 5],” Marbury said.

Brunson led the Knicks to a 30-point win with 44 points and seven assists. He’s averaging 33.9 points — no. 1 in the playoffs — with 7.5 assists and 3.8 rebounds in the Knicks’ postseason run.

“With the way he’s playing right now, he’s looking like he’s ready to lead us to a place that everybody wants to go to,” Marbury told Heavy Sports. “This is the guy who I really trust to take us to the championship.”

Ex-Knicks star Stephon Marbury

Kyle Ullsperger, BKG Photogrpahy NYCFormer Knicks star Stephon Marbury speaking during a one-on-one interview with Heavy Sports.

Marbury just loves the unselfish style of play of the Knicks under coach Tom Thibodeau and credited the front office for building a team that represents New York City’s grit.

“Supporting these guys is a lot of fun because they play the game the right way,” Marbury told Heavy Sports. “They play hard, they play smart, they play together. They’re always trying to make the right play to win the game. Coach Thibs is doing an amazing job. Leon [Rose], and Wes (William Wesley) have done an immaculate job to get this city back on its feet. I got to take my hats off to those guys and bow to those guys because New York, I feel like the basketball is moving in a positive direction.”