Sixers Show They Are Completely Unbothered After Blockbuster Trade

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

Getty Joel Embiid #21 and Tobias Harris #33 of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Philadelphia 76ers boast quite the roster after a flurry of summer free agent spending and trade wheeling-and-dealing.

In fact, the Sixers currently have the third-best starting lineup in the Eastern Conference, according to Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report. The two teams ahead of the Sixers — the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics — are both fresh off of their respective Finals runs and boast superstars in Giannis Antetounmpo and Jayson Tatum.

“With Embiid likely motivated to take home his first MVP award, Harden looking like the perfect second fiddle with his still advanced playmaking ability and Maxey able to light up the scoreboard for stretches, this starting five has it all,” Swartz wrote.

And recently, the Eastern Conference got even more crowded, thanks to the late-summer blockbuster that was the Donovan Mitchell-Cavaliers trade. The move elevated Cleveland’s playoff hopes as they look to make their first non-LeBron James playoffs since the 1990s. The Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks also look revamped with new additions in DeJounte Murray and Jalen Brunson, respectively.

But are the Sixers worried about the increased competition? Not one, single bit.

At least not if their latest post on Twitter is any indication. On Thursday, the team took to social media to poke fun at their stars using BeReal. Snapchat-esque social media company forces users to take split-second photos of themselves and whatever is right in front of them at a given time.

So the Sixers took aim at Joel Embiid, Pj Tucker, and Tobias Harris, imagining them with a Shirley Temple, a closet full of sneakers, and a plate of mustard-smattered sandwiches, respectively.

The connections aren’t surprising — Embiid’s passion for Shirley Temples is well-documented, as is PJ Tucker’s sneaker obsession.

The Sixers Took Aim at Shake Milton and Georges Niang

In addition to Embiid, Tucker, and Harris, the Sixers also used BeReal to poke fun at Shake Milton and Georges Niang. Both players were called out for their nicknames.

By Milton, the team posted a photo of a chocolate milkshake, a reference to Milton’s nickname “Shake.” And Niang’s face was graced by a picture of a white minivan, a reference to his nickname “Minivan.”

Niang’s nickname comes from the fact that he plays like a guard but doesn’t have the bounce or body-type of a typical one or two.

Or, as Tony Jones of The Athletic put it, “This is the thing with Niang: He’s a unique player. Physically, he doesn’t fit the mold of an NBA guy. He can dunk on a good day but will probably never bang on anyone in traffic. He’s never going to beat you in a 40-yard dash. He’s lost a ton of weight since his collegiate days at Iowa State but is never going to resemble Adonis.”

PJ Tucker’s Sneaker Store Opening Up in Houston

Last week, the sneakerhead PJ Tucker provided a preview of his upcoming shoe store “The Better Generation.” The store has had an internet presence for some time, but a brick-and-mortar location is going up in Houston, where Tucker played for several seasons.

The Better Generation’s mission is to provide a space for “every person who thinks outside the box, is determined to do more, and strives for greatness.” Tucker joins teammate James Harden, who recently announced his side-hustle “J-Harden Wines” label, among Sixers dedicating the offseason to establishing brands off the court.

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