Near 20-Point Scorer Floated as Sixers Free Agent Target

TJ Warren

Getty TJ Warren

The Philadelphia 76ers could always use more scoring. With the limited options that are still out there in free agency, Liberty Ballers’ Paul Hudrick explained why he believes the Sixers could look into TJ Warren based on his history as a scorer.

“In signing Warren to the minimum for his age-30 season, you’re hoping he can rekindle just a tiny bit of that offensive magic. Warren was a gifted scorer who was bit by the injury bug just as things seemingly began to click for him. The biggest thing might be if he can rediscover the three-ball. Warren shot well over 40 percent from deep in the two seasons before his injury. He’s been below 30 percent in the limited action since.

“With his skill, size, and experience, a minimum deal couldn’t hurt,” Hudrick wrote.

Warren distinguished himself as a talented scorer during his days with the Indiana Pacers and Phoenix Suns. From 2017 to 2020, Warren put up scoring averages of 19.6, 18, and 19.8 points per game, but Warren’s injury issues from 2020 to 2022 made him miss nearly two consecutive seasons, thus destroying his value as a player.

Ben Simmons Voices His Appreciation for Philadelphia

Simmons admitted that were he given the chance, he would welcome a trade back to the Sixers after his time there.

“People always ask me like, ‘If you were to get traded again, where you want it to be?’ I always say, ‘Just Philly. Philly is a second home to me,’” Simmons said in an August 29 story by Andscape’s Marc J. Spears. “And in time, you learn and grow as people. I don’t really have anything bad to say about Philly. It was a crazy situation at the end, but it is what it is.”

Though Simmons added that it was time for a change, he said that he enjoyed his time there.

“I had a lot of fun there. It was time for me to go. When I did leave, it was good timing. Obviously, the injury and everything that was going on didn’t help. But I think it gave me a chance to really appreciate it. I’ll always have love for Philly,” Simmons said, according to Spears.

Reggie Miller Wanted to Play With Charles Barkley

On his personal Instagram, NBA legend Reggie Miller revealed that he was under the impression that he was going to be drafted by the Sixers.

“In fact, it was told me that it was going to happen in 1987 when I was visiting teams,” Miller said. I can’t remember who the owner or general manager was at the time, but they were like, ‘We’re selecting you at 16,’ Miller said, which was aggregated by Landon Buford via his X account.

Miller admitted that he was excited by the prospect of playing right next to Charles Barkley, but the Pacers drafted him before the Sixers had the chance to get him.

“I’m like, ‘Great, I get to play with Sir Charles. This is going to be awesome.’ Indiana had different ideas at number 11. They snatched me up. I thought for the longest (time), I was going to be a Philadelphia 76er at the 16th selection and play with Sir Charles.”

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