Kelly Oubre Sends Strong Message to Sixers Fanbase at Media Day

Kelly Oubre Jr

Getty Kelly Oubre Jr

Kelly Oubre Jr. was a late offseason addition for the Philadelphia 76ers, and he can already tell the difference between them and the other teams he’s played for. During Sixers Media Day, Oubre explained how the situation differs from the other situations he’s been in, including fanbases that did not believe in the team he played for.

“Honestly, this team wins every year. Right? The fan base wants them to win more, but I come from teams where they have no hope. Like zero hope within the whole city, and that’s not this at all. So I appreciate the fan base for being hard on the team and wanting to see greatness because they deserve it,” Oubre said, per Sixers Wire’s Ky Carlin.

Oubre did not name any of his former teams specifically and clarified that he didn’t want to take any shots at anyone.

“I don’t want to bash any other organizations out there, but I’ve been on a couple of teams in my career, and this is the most well-oiled machine that I’ve been to,” Oubre Jr. said. “It’s my first time actually sitting at a press conference table with this many people, and it’s a culture shock for real, but at the end of the day, I’m ready to adapt.”

Oubre has played for the Washington Wizards, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, and Charlotte Hornets, but hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2018. He has a solid chance of returning there and going further than ever.

Danny Green Explained Why He Returned to Sixers

Green explained on the September 29 episode of the “76ers Insider Podcast” why he opted to come back to the Sixers.

“Being familiar with the city, being familiar with the team, and the group, those guys having minutes on the floor with them and knowing how they operate was a big decision aside of playing for Nick, so both those combined made it easy decision for me,” Green said, as transcribed by Carlin.

Green added that he also came back because he believes he and the Sixers can win a title together.

“I feel like there’s some unfinished business. Both years I was here, the first two times, I had gotten hurt in the playoffs against Atlanta. I felt we had a good shot, and against Miami, Jo was hurt the first two games with his face. That thing was broken, and then I got hurt, and we were playing well at home…So yeah, I think we had some unfinished business with the group that we had during those years. I think that we can still make something special happen with the guys that we have here now.”

James Harden Still Wants Clippers: Report

The Sixers are still dealing with the James Harden saga. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Harden would skip Media Day on October 2, but also that he wants to go to the Los Angeles Clippers.

“ESPN Sources: In what’s expected to be a continued attempt to push for a trade, Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden isn’t in attendance for the team’s media day today. Harden remains upset that the organization hasn’t moved him to the Clippers,” Wojnarowski reported via his X account.

Harden has wanted this for quite some time, and yet nothing’s changed. Perhaps this situation would be taken care of if he expanded his list of preferred teams, but he still hasn’t budged on going out to LA despite them not showing much desperation to acquire him.

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