Money Concerns May Lead to Sixers Parting With Demoted Starter: Insider

Matisse Thybulle

Getty Matisse Thybulle #22, Philadelphia 76ers

At 25-16, the Philadelphia 76ers are only five games behind the Boston Celtics for the no. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. However, with the trade deadline coming up next month, the Sixers must decide how to approach the deadline.

Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports detailed how the Sixers’ salary cap situation may affect their mindset, particularly with Matisse Thybulle, among others, at the deadline.

“There is also a financial aspect that may underscore the Sixers’ trade deadline efforts if the right upgrades don’t materialize,” Fischer said. “This season currently marks Philadelphia’s third straight year as a taxpayer, which would subject the Sixers to pay repeater tax rates on every dollar over the 2023-24 tax threshold. The Sixers are hovering just above this year’s tax line at present, which could put players like Furkan Korkmaz, Matisse Thybulle, and Jaden Springer in the trade conversation.”

Fischer also said that, following the Sixers’ latest stretch of basketball, they will look for roster upgrades at the deadline.

“Philadelphia will be active in exploring ways to add to the Sixers’ quest for a championship, especially following the team’s recent 15-3 stretch. Philadelphia officials have been encouraged by the pairing of Joel Embiid and James Harden, as well as the team’s overall performance, despite each All-Star, Tyrese Maxey, and other contributors missing significant time due to injury.”

Former Sixers Center on the Market

Fischer reported that former Sixers big man Richaun Holmes has been made available in trade talks because he has not been in the Sacramento Kings’ rotation.

“Richaun Holmes is available for trade, league sources told Yahoo Sports. After signing a four-year, $46 million deal in the 2021 offseason, Holmes has not been a part of head coach Mike Brown’s rotation this season,” Fischer said.

Holmes has appeared in 26 games this season. In nine minutes a game, Holmes is averaging 2.7 points, two rebounds, and 0.3 blocks while shooting 63.3 percent from the field. The Kings have favored Trey Lyles as their primary backup big behind Domantas Sabonis over Holmes.

Holmes is slated to make $11.2 million this season and has two years and $24 million left on his contract with a player option for the 2024-25 season.

Given both his familiarity with the Sixers and his productivity in the past, Holmes could potentially be a trade target for the Sixers if they want an upgrade at their backup center spot.

Proposed Trade Swaps Thybulle With Former Celtics Big

Adam Aaronson of The Rights to Ricky Sanchez proposed a trade that would send Thybulle to the Utah Jazz for Kelly Olynyk.

Aaronson pointed out that the Sixers would have to include Thbulle in the deal for salary purposes.

“(Olynyk)’s at a number high enough that the Sixers would likely need to send back a package that includes not just Furkan Korkmaz as salary filler, but also Matisse Thybulle as someone who makes the money work and incentives Utah to make a deal,” Aaronson said.

Aaronson then explained why the Sixers could entertain making a deal like that.

“I know that on its face, the idea of moving Thybulle for Olynyk is an unattractive one. But let’s say Thybulle once again loses his firm standing in the rotation, and the Sixers fear he will receive exorbitant offers this summer as a restricted free agent: cashing in on his value by moving him to a rebuilding team like the Jazz could be the right play.”

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