Tobias Harris Gives Honest Thoughts on James Harden After Sixers Training Camp

Tobias Harris, James Harden

Getty Tobias Harris, James Harden

Though the Philadelphia 76ers are dealing with some turbulence behind the scenes with James Harden, it appears Harden’s not rubbing his teammates the wrong way. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Harden attended training camp on October 4, and according to Sixers starter Tobias Harris, Harden didn’t ruffle any feathers.

“Everybody understands the business of the game of basketball at this point. Personally, he doesn’t have to address myself or anybody, truthfully. His participation, in my opinion, is addressing that he’s here and his attitude and energy today allowed everybody to understand that he wants to go out here and compete with us and get stuff done,” Harris told reporters on October 4.

In ESPN’s Tim Bontemps report from October 3 on Harden joining the Sixers training camp, Bontemps reported that, unlike the saga the Sixers went through with Ben Simmons in 2021, Harden has no longstanding issues with his teammates.

“Unlike the Ben Simmons situation two years ago, there appears to be no animus between Harden and his teammates, who continue to express optimism he’ll rejoin them,” Bontemps wrote.

While this drama may drag itself out for who knows how much longer, early reports indicate that Harden won’t vent his frustration with the Sixers on his teammates. Though Harden participated fully, it was also reported that he left the moment media entered the Sixers’ practice, per Bontemps.

Nick Nurse Also Praised James Harden After Training Camp

Harris was not the only one who had kind words for Harden after the first day of training camp. New Sixers coach Nick Nurse praised Harden’s professional attitude during their practice while acknowledging what’s been going on behind the scenes.

“He looked good. That’s just what I want to say is that he looked good,” Nurse told reporters on October 4. “He’s here, he knows the schedule, and we expect him to be here now. I think we can wait to see on all that stuff.”

Harden has wanted out from the moment he opted into his contract with the Sixers for the 2023-24 season, a request they have yet to grant because they haven’t found a deal out there. Harden is known for sulking as much as possible to force his teams to grant his trade requests. Thus far, that hasn’t been the case for the Sixers. Possibly because showing professionalism, in this case, is more likely to get him out than to publically pout.

James Harden Still Prefers Trade to Clippers: Report

Before Harden attended training camp, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on October 2 that Harden is unhappy with the Sixers because they hadn’t traded him to the Los Angeles Clippers.

“ESPN Sources: In what’s expected to be a continued attempt to push for a trade, Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden isn’t in attendance for the team’s media day today. Harden remains upset that the organization hasn’t moved him to the Clippers,” Wojnarowski wrote via his X account.

The real question worth asking is, what does Harden want more? Leaving the Sixers or joining the Clippers? Even if his value is the lowest it’s been, his trade request away from the Sixers may have been granted by now had he been willing to be traded to other teams. That’s how Damian Lillard got traded.