‘That’s Disrespect’: Cam Newton Explains What Dolphins Did After the Game

Getty Cam Newton

Cam Newton likes to have fun, but he’s not going to sit still why someone tries to bully and disrespect him. The Miami Dolphins found that out on Sunday.

After Newton led the New England Patriots to a 21-11 victory over the Dolphins in Week 1 in Foxborough, a few members of the AFC East rivals took things to another level.

There were no punches thrown, but there was some pushing and shoving, along with another physical act that Newton found especially disrespectful.

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Dolphins Player Tried to Rip a Sentimental Chain From Newton’s Neck

Trash talk is understood, to a degree, and even some physicality, but some things are going to escalate a situation. On Monday morning on  WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show, Newton described in detail what was done that crossed the line in his book:

From where I am from, that’s just a sign of disrespect. I am all about keeping everything within the confines of the game. … Good thing I went to a good jeweler and got the credentials. They didn’t do too much damage. On a serious note, it is a chain that has all of my children and their birthstone on it. You could only imagine for all the fathers that’s out there any type of sign disrespect for that chain. I don’t wear chains to represent my hood, which I should. I don’t wear chains with thug life on it, Superman, or things like that. I am not a big person of tattoos, so I try and get anything that commemorates something that’s dear to my life on something that I can wear. It’s truly dear to me. So the chain that they tried to pull was the one that had each and every child that I have and their birthstones.

You wonder if the Dolphins player, who is believed to be Christian Wilkins, knew the significance of the chain, or was just grabbing for some piece of Newton. In any case, Newton’s anger was understandable.

What About the Hamstring Injury?

After initially downplaying any issue with his hamstring during the post-game press conference, Newton reiterated his left leg was fine during Monday’s interview.

“I don’t know where that came from,” Newton said. “I didn’t have no hamstring problems. We won, so that means I’m not hurt no more.”

Based on his comment, it sounds as if there was some issue that doesn’t appear to be of any seriousness. It’s understandable Newton and the Patriots would want to downplay a mild injury considering any story of that nature could become a major focus because of his history.

Attention will shift to what figures to be a tougher game in Week 2 on the road against the Seattle Seahawks.

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