Bill Belichick Questioned About Mysterious Cut on His Nose

Getty Bill Belichick

What’s up with Bill Belichick and the facial injuries of late? During the team’s Week 6 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Belichick was seemingly bleeding from the mouth on the sidelines.

At the presser on Wednesday, Belichick had a visible scar across his nose and members of the media asked him about it.

Bill Belichick Responds to Questions About the Scar on His Nose

Call it concern or curiosity, but some reporters asked Belichick about the scar on his nose at Wednesday’s presser. Per NESN’s Zack Cox, Belichick had a pretty typical response:

Who knows what happened to Belichick between Saturday and Wednesday that caused the bumps and bruises, but one thing is for sure, he’s had a rough year or so–at least professionally.

His team has lost more over the past 22 games than they had over the previous three seasons combined. That’s crazy when you think about it. The team has lost more times in their last 22 contests than they did in the previous 48.

How Much Longer Will Bill Belichick Coach the Patriots?

NBC Sports’ Peter King knows Belichick and has covered him for years. He took a shot at estimating how long Belichick would remain as the coach of the Patriots? King wrote this in his Football Morning in America column back in May:

This probably won’t be his last year, and I doubt that 2022 will be. He’s a young 69, maybe not in the effervescent way of fellow 69er Pete Carroll (seven months older than Belichick). The way Belichick is, I doubt sincerely he’d leave the Patriots with a dim future. He’ll view as part of his legacy the shape he left the franchise. That’s why Mac Jones falling to New England at 15 this year was so important to New England’s long-term future—it allows Belichick to feel like there’s a good chance the team now has its quarterback for the post-Brady period. I don’t think he hangs on just to break Don Shula’s all-time record for coaching victories if he thinks it’s time to go after, say, 2023 or ’24. On the all-time coaching wins list (including playoffs), Shula is first with 347, George Halas second with 324, Belichick third with 311. It may take Belichick four years to get those 37 wins. Maybe three or five—who knows? It’s certainly within reach, but I don’t see it being Belichick’s end-game. I’m sure, as a dad, Belichick wanted to help his kids on career paths if they wanted the help. Amanda is a lacrosse coach at Holy Cross. Steve, 34, is a Patriots defensive assistant with rising importance. Brian is the team’s safeties coach. Steve’s married, Brian’s slated to get married this summer. The kids are on their way, with helpful assistance from their father.

It seems only right Belichick ultimately become the all-time leader in head-coaching victories, but if the Patriots continue to lose at the rate they have been over the past 22 games, he might not have the coaching longevity to stick around for as long as it will take to catch Shula.

Also, you have to wonder if Belichick would even want to break the record as a non-playoff team with no real chance of contending. That doesn’t seem like his style. This is why, no matter what he or Tom Brady says publicly, there is so much pressure on both men to have success apart from each other.

Brady’s already secured his post-Belichick greatness. It’s Bill’s turn and his time on the sidelines may be winding up.


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