Cam Newton: How Long Will He Be Out With COVID-19?

Getty Cam Newton

The New England PatriotsCam Newton has tested positive for COVID-19. He’s been placed on the COVID-19 Reserve list immediately, and after the Kansas City Chiefs’ practice squad QB Jordan Ta’amu also tested positive, the Week 4 matchup between the two teams has been postponed.

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Cam Newton is Out and the Patriots’ Game Vs. The Chiefs is in Jeopardy

Aside from Newton’s well being, which is the main concern, many want to know how long he will be out of action.

Cam Newton’s Return-To-Action Scenarios

As of Saturday night, we don’t know if Newton is asymptomatic or not, but that’s key in projecting how quickly he can return to the Patriots. Here are the scenarios:

If he is asymptomatic, which is obviously the best possible situation for Newton, his teammates, and the entire NFL, and the people who have been around him, he could return relatively soon.

The 2015 NFL MVP can return to the Patriots’ facility after 10 days have passed since the first positive test. For Newton, that would be October 12.

In that scenario, he’d also miss next weekend’s game with the Denver Broncos as well as the Week 4 matchup with the Chiefs. However, there is a chance he could return sooner. If Newton tests negative in two separate tests that are taken more than 24 hours apart, he could return as soon as five days after the first positive test. That would mean October 7, which would theoretically give him a chance to play against the Broncos.

Assuming there aren’t a ton of positive tests for the Patriots and/or Las Vegas Raiders, which is the last team Newton played against, this would be the best-case scenario.

We don’t know if Newton is showing symptoms or not. If he does, things are more complicated. In this case, he wouldn’t be allowed to return to the Patriots’ facility until the 10 days have passed since the first positive test, and at least 72 hours have elapsed since he last experienced symptoms.

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