Cam Newton Is on a ‘List’ of Potential Fits For New Opportunity

Getty Cam Newton

The New England Patriots‘ QB Cam Newton is one of the more polarizing people in sports. He has natural charisma and the ability to connect with viewers. It seems safe to say ESPN execs have noticed.

According to The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch, who spoke with ESPN VP Seth Markman, Newton is on the latter’s “list” of potential fits for broadcast work after he’s done playing in the NFL.

Markman talked a bit about what he looks for in players that “intrigue” him for the opportunity.

Most of my list skews towards veteran players or coaches, and that’s based on realism. I’m not going to put Patrick Mahomes on the list right now because I’ll be retired by the time he retires. So it’s more older players in the league I’ve met, heard speak or interviewed that I thought might be interesting for us.

Markman said this about Newton:

“He’s an interesting one. Great smile and oozes personality. I’m intrigued by him.” Not everyone loves Newton, but he seems to have an effect on most.

Newton Would Be Must-See TV

Newton has what some might call the “it” factor. He’s the kind of guy who walks into the room, and even without the expressive style of clothing, you’d know someone of prominence had come on the scene.

Newton was awarded the Ron Hobson Media Good Guy award in 2020.

According to Angelique Fiske of

Every year, the media covering the Patriots votes for one guy. It’s not an on the field honor. It’s a different and arguably more challenging trait that is recognized. The Ron Hobson Media Good Guy award is given to the Patriots player who is most helpful and accommodating to media, and in a year where the Patriots will miss the playoffs and performed inconsistently, answering questions about said performances can be difficult and draining. Add into the mix COVID safety protocols that meant face-to-face interactions with media were limited to video calls. Despite this and having never met media members in person, Cam Newton’s emotional honesty, patience and fantastic one-liners all season long earned him the 2020 Ron Hobson Media Good Guy Award.

It was a rare instance when Newton was getting some love from the local media in 2020. Take a look at the moment Newton received the award.

Take a look at this old clip of Newton with Graham Bensinger and you’ll see the Patriots QB has always been able to captivate an audience.

Cam Newton simulates play calling, imitates Peyton ManningNew England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton acts out calling a play and offers insight into his audibles at the line, which results in a hypothetical touchdown pass to Carolina Panthers WR, Kelvin Benjamin. Plus, hear Newton's imitation of Peyton Manning. Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE to watch the latest interviews:​ The full interview with…2016-02-03T15:50:00Z

There Could Be One Hitch

Newton doesn’t come off as a player who would enjoy critiquing other players. That’s a pretty important part of the job Markman believes Newton might be a natural fit for when he’s done playing.

Newton also has other interests that might also make being involved in that sort of endeavor less likely. That said, Newton has proven to be the kind of guy who embraces a challenge especially if he has doubters. If given the opportunity and interested, it would probably be pretty entertaining to watch Newton over analysis and opinions on a sports broadcast.

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