Cam Newton Looks to Be Making an Equipment Change This Season

Getty Cam Newton

The New England Patriots and Cam Newton are making some major changes ahead of the 2021 regular season. Some of them might be equipment related.

Newton posted a video on Instagram of himself working out with teammate Jakobi Meyers. Newton is predictably stylish, even though he’s working out, and clearly in fantastic physical shape.

Aside from the part of his workout attire that is unrelated to on-field performance, one viewer recognized Newton wearing a different helmet. Newton is wearing a Riddell SpeedFlex in the video, which is different than the Schutt helmet he has worn before. The model in the lead image is an example of the Schutt helmet.

Here is the video:

There is something else you might recognize from the video as well.

Footwork, Footwork, Footwork

Most who are aware, and who offer analysis beyond the superficial hot take have pointed out the key to some of the inaccurate passes Newton threw during the 2020 season. Most of the issues are tied to his sometimes faulty footwork.

Newton’s personal QB coach George Whitfield has worked with Newton throughout the offseason on sustaining good habits in this area of the game. There is usually a method to Newton’s social media posts, and the pivoting drill was probably not a coincidence.

Some have pointed out Newton’s issues or reluctance to throw the ball to the right side of the field. In the throw we see in the video, Newton is throwing what would be over the middle in a game, but it is definitely more toward the right of his body, and into the area some have said he struggles to deliver the ball.

The dramatic shifting of his point of view to deliver the ball accurately is also somewhat notable. Does any of this mean Newton is going to come out and complete 75% of his passes with 35 TD passes and single-digit interceptions in 2021?

Maybe not, but what it does demonstrate–yet again–is the former NFL MVP’s tireless work on his craft and his commitment to getting the kinds of results he and the Patriots organization and fanbase expect.

More Exposure

As we approach training camp, Newton is beginning to get more vocal and active on social media. Earlier in the week, he appeared on Whitfield’s Instagram account talking about the many “haters” and how he handles the criticism.

“Simple,” Newton said, per Karen Guregian of The Boston Herald. “Feed your focus. Feed it. If the hate ain’t in my focus, I don’t feed it. I feed off of it, but I don’t feed it. It’s two different things. When I sense or when I dwell on hatred, that’s the product that’s gonna come out: rage, anger. But that’s the hatred using me, not me using the hatred. So I want to process that and make that fuel me. I don’t dwell on what a person may say, what this person may say, she say, I just use it to my advantage and I feed what I want it to feed.”

Newton is one of those guys who will be inevitably criticized for everything he does. You can bet the comment section on the video above is packed with some negative comments. Patriots fans are hoping he uses it to his advantage come Week 1 of the 2021 season.


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