Partially Shirtless Cam Newton Drops Cryptic Message on IG [LOOK]

Getty Cam Newton

Will the much-discussed New England Patriots QB competition be as intense or nip and tuck as many suggest? We don’t know, but Cam Newton seems to be in the right frame of mind ahead of what has been portrayed as a fight for his career.

Newton took to Instagram, partially shirtless, to make a statement that sounds a lot like a man walking confidently into a competition.

Cam Newton Makes a Statement on Instagram

Newton posted this message on Instagram this week. It wouldn’t be right unless we used Newton’s signature font:

wâłk łíkë thë 👑K1ŃG👑

ØR ₩ÂŁK ŁĮK£ ¥ØÜ DØŃT GĮV£  F🤬K ₩HØ TH£ “kíñg” Į§⚠️😈

Here is the post:

This post doesn’t sound like it’s aimed at Mac Jones, whom many believe is in a position to supplant Newton as the Patriots’ starting quarterback, but more of a reinforcement of the former NFL MVP’s presence on a team, in a locker room, and with an organization.

ESPN’s Louis Riddick Shares Thoughts on Newton vs. Jones in Training Camp

It seems almost everyone in football has a take on the Patriots’ quarterback situation. Most see it as an open competition, but it’s one Newton has an edge in as training camp begins on Tuesday.

ESPN analyst, former NFL front office professional and player for Bill Belichick when he was with the Cleveland Browns, Louis Riddick shared his thoughts.

Riddick believes Newton will be improved in Year 2, but sees Jones as the long-term answer for the Patriots, and he says the rookie has a chance to be the Week 1 starter.

On a ESPN video Riddick said the following:

I believe Cam will be much better than he was last year. New England believes the same thing, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought him back. Just common sense leads you to believe Cam will be much better. I do believe though — look, there’s a reason why Bill [Belichick] sat and waited for Mac Jones. I think all the things that make Mac who he is have been things already put on display in the short time that he’s been up there. Now, from a physical standpoint, when the volume becomes even heavier and it becomes 11-on-11 and he starts playing some preseason games, can he take the next step? Does he give this football team the best chance to score points, protect the football, not be the reason they lose games, but contribute to the reasons why they win games. If he does that, he will be the starter Week 1.

Newton’s back seems to be against the wall in the eyes’ of most, but what really matters is how the Patriots’ coaching staff views the situation.

Will Newton be able to perform at a level that leaves Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels satisfied or even elated with his performance? Will he be good enough to justify 2020 becoming more of a redshirt year for Jones?

Ideally, Newton will have a great season.

If that’s the case, with the help of an improved set of weapons on offense, a potentially dominant offensive line and running game, and a retooled defense, the Patriots and Newton could make a deep playoff run.

If that happens, Jones can get some snaps where opportunity presents itself during the season, and take over the job full time in 2022. Newton, a free agent at the end of the 2021 season, will have reinvigorated his value and can continue his career likely elsewhere, perhaps pushing himself into no-doubt Hall-of-Fame status along the way.

That’s the best-case scenario for all involved. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out that way.

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