Cam Newton’s Monday Night Outfit Lights Up the Internet

Getty Cam Newton

Cam Newton has done it again. The New England Patriots quarterback grabbed the attention of those on social media with his latest pre-game outfit.

This one is hard to describe.

Hopefully, you’re not lactose intolerant because there is a dairy and camouflage influence. Perhaps it’s better if I just show the image and let you draw your own conclusions.

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Cam Newton’s Job Interview

While some have an issue with Newton’s personal style off the field and some of his play, he has seemingly impressed the prime stakeholders in his project.

Newton has said on multiple occasions that he is still on a job interview. He signed a one-year deal in the offseason and has had mixed results individually while the team will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

Many fans are calling for Newton’s head, but the 31-year-old has endeared himself to the coaching staff with his positive energy, leadership, running ability, and willingness to embrace the team’s system. Because of his approach, Newton has a good shot at returning to the Patriots in 2021.

Could Final Two Games Change the Perception?

While head coach Bill Belichick seems to be fond of Newton, the quarterback’s play in the final two games of the season are very important to his bottom line. He needs to perform well on Monday night against the Bills and in the final game of the season at home vs. the suddenly resurgent New York Jets.

If he does not, it may be more difficult for Belichick and Co. to maintain the confidence in him moving forward. While Monday night’s game won’t matter much in the standings for the Patriots, it’s very much a future-shaping contest for Newton, his teammates, and the coaching staff.

Just for Fun and Charity

GettyCam Newton and Russell Westbrook

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Newton and the Washington Wizards’ Russell Westbrook engaged in a dress-off on Twitter?

Neither have I, but I’m beginning to wonder how big of an event that could be on social media. They could give the proceeds to charity, and millions would watch the two former MVPs go outfit for outfit.

Newton and Westbrook are among the most philanthropic athletes you’ll find. Newton is a former Walter Payton Man of the Year winner, and Westbrook founding the Why Not foundation which works to “help children that are facing hardships of any kind.”

Both have given away millions to various communities, and donate their time to youth and other marginalized groups. While this was a suggestion offered in jest, it’s not a bad concept overall.

While I’m sure many people would get a kick out of what the two men would deliver, others would truly appreciate the fashionable qualities, and there could also be a group of folks in need who stood to benefit from the players’ generosity and willingness to participate.

If it happens, remember where you heard it first, and someone be sure to tell Newton and Westbrook to send me an autographed jersey.

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