Patriots QB Prospect Jayden Daniels’ Arm ‘Eye Sore’ Raises Eyebrows

Jayden Daniels

Getty Jayden Daniels turned heads on Wednesday but not all because of his skills.

New England Patriots draft prospect and former LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels certainly drew attention with his throwing arm on Wednesday but not for the most glowing reasons.

Daniels has an abnormality on the elbow of his throwing arm, which many took notice of during his Pro Day at LSU. It drew chatter on social media though it won’t affect his performance or health down the road as Dr. Jesse Morse explained.

Morse wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that Daniels “appears to be dealing with olecranon bursitis of his right throwing elbow” but is just an “eye sore” at the end of the day. The sports medicine doctor also explained that it “usually” doesn’t affect a player negatively.

“This should not impact his ability to throw or cause any pain. Literally just a visual oddity,” Morse wrote.

Daniels hardly missed any games during his collegiate career though durability has been a concern among scouts and analysts. He has slender frame at 6-foot-4, 210 pounds, and Daniels rushes often and doesn’t hesitate to take a hit.

That said, Daniels wowed many with his throws at the Pro Day such as his deep shots to wide receivers Brian Thomas Jr. and Malik Nabers. It came as little surprise considering that the 2023 Heisman Trophy winner threw for 3,812 yards and 40 touchdowns last season.

“In 2023, the element of Jayden Daniels’ game that advanced the most was his deep ball accuracy,” The Draft Network’s Keith Sanchez wrote.

Daniels met with Patriots scout Alonzo Highsmith at the Pro Day, but the quarterback’s prowess may create more competition for New England. The Washington Commanders, owners of the No. 2 in the draft, brought a contingent to watch Daniels, too.

Inside Jayden Daniels’ Elbow Issue

Morse broke down Daniels’ elbow with pictures and diagrams. It clearly goes back to at least last season where Daniels either used “tape, a sleeve or nothing at all” to cover the elbow.

“This is an inflammation of the bursa, which is a sac that is usually empty and is there to protect the bone underneath,” Morse wrote. “We have them in several joints including the elbow and the knee. ‘Banging’ your elbow against a hard surface often results in inflammation of the bursa, causing the body to fill it with fluid.”

“This is a protective mechanism to prevent fracturing the bone underneath,” Morse continued. “These are very common, and more annoying than concerning. As long as they are not infected. These can be drained [aspirated] with a needle, but often these will fill back up.”

“I’ve had good success with injecting PRP [plasma from the blood] to make these go away permanently. For some people they are very stubborn,” Morse added.

Jayden Daniels Shows Support for More Serious Health Issue

While people went wild over Daniels’ elbow, he touted his former LSU teammate Greg Brooks Jr., who has been dealing with a brain tumor. Daniels wore Brooks’ No. 3 on a long-sleeved purple shirt as he made his throws at the Pro Day.

“Obviously, if Greg were here, he’d be a part of this. He’s not here, but he’s here in spirit, and I’m here to rep him,” Daniels said via ESPN’s Katherine Terrell.

“My teammates who didn’t get an invite to the combine, obviously they had multiple eyes out here, all 32 [NFL teams] and more, so it was beneficial to go out there and showcase their talent, showcase how they move, write their own journey. If they get an opportunity, I know they’re going to crush it,” Daniels added.

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