Patriots Legend Reacts to Week 15 Collapse: ‘What the F*** Are We Doing?’

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The New England Patriots didn’t just lose in Week 15. New England had an epic collapse and a legend in the organization was livid.

Julian Edelman was in the building for the Patriots loss. He witnessed Jakobi Myers tossing the ball to Mac Jones in an error that cost New England the game. Former Patriot Chandler Jones picked the ball off and after stiff-arming Jones, ran all the way to the end zone for the win.

Edelman wasn’t happy with how the game ended.

”What the F*** are we doing? What are we doing?” he said before tossing his Red Sox hat into a chair in his suite in the front row of the stadium

Were There Any Other Controversial Plays?

While the ending surely had Patriots fans wondering what they had just witnessed, it was far from the only head-scratching play in the game.

With 37 seconds left in the game, the Las Vegas Raiders tied the game thanks to a touchdown catch by Keelan Cole in the back corner of the end zone. While it was ruled a touchdown, replays appeared to show Cole having one foot out of bounds but the play wasn’t overturned.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss served as the pool reporter and questioned the officials about the call after the game.

“We looked at every available angle and it was not clear and obvious that the foot was on the white. It was very tight, very close. There was no shot that we could see – we even enhanced and blew up the views that we had. There was nothing that was clear and obvious that his foot was touching the white.” said NFL Senior VP of Officiating Walt Anderson.

“Had the ruling on the field been incomplete, we would not have been able to change that either,” he added.

Reiss also asked about the specific angles that officials had at their disposal and Anderson mentioned they did not have a sideline angle.

“No, we did not,” Anderson replied. “Probably the best view was what we term a ‘high end zone’ view. TV gave us the most enhanced view that they had as well.

How Did the Patriots React to the Loss?

The loss is one that Meyers surely won’t forget anytime soon. The wide receiver said that he was trying to be a hero as the game seemed to be headed for overtime.

“I was trying to do too much… Trying to be a hero, I guess,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Meyers was far from the only Patriots player to take responsibility for the loss. Rhamondre Stevenson was among the players to take the blame for the results of the last play of the game.

I take full responsibility for the play… I gotta know what’s going on in the game,” the running back said.

Then there was Mac Jones who failed to make a crucial tackle that would have sent the game to overtime. Even though he is a quarterback, Jones said he needed to bring down Chandler Jones.

”Yeah I got to tackle the guy,” he said. “It’s on me. It’s my fault.

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