N’Keal Harry’s Trainer Slams Writer for ‘Misquote’ About Cam Newton

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The New England Patriots‘ offense has been one dimensional all season, and everyone is looking for answers. Whenever people go looking for answers, they usually turn to the blame game.

For most, the easiest target is the quarterback. When that quarterback’s name is Cam Newton, the blame comes even easier. Newton has and probably always will be one of the most polarizing players in the NFL. He’s having a rough year statistically (at least from a passing standpoint) which gives ammunition to those who sit on the negative side of the polarization spectrum.

There are a few reasons for Newton’s struggles. Some are his fault, and some aren’t.

That said, N’Keal Harry’s trainer, Rischad Whitfield aka the Footwork King, made some news on Wednesday when USA Today’s Henry McKenna posted a story implying he blamed Newton for his client’s lack of production.

Here is the quote that made its rounds through several media outlets on Wednesday.

We’ve got a new quarterback. We’ve got to put some of that (expletive) on Cam. Cam hasn’t been the most accurate this year. Like, if (Harry) had Tom Brady, Tom Brady would’ve fed him. But we’re back there with Cam, and Cam’s getting acclimated to the offense, too. It’s a big deal coming from Tom Brady to Cam Newton. … That’s one of Cam Newton’s biggest issues is mechanics.

The way that is written, it certainly sounds like he is placing some blame on Newton for Harry’s disappointing season.

However, Whitfield caught wind of the story as it was circulated, and he took aim at the framing. Whitfield says he was misquoted and he fired back on Twitter.

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Whitfield Attempts to Clarify

Here is what Whitfield retweeted with comment attached to McKenna’s article.

Quite honestly, observing Whitfield and the way he works with his clients, playing the blame game doesn’t appear to be his style. While I can’t imply McKenna was intentionally looking to skew the truth, it does appear as though there was some sort of a misunderstanding along the way. It happens.

Here is what Whitfield tweeted shortly after his initial reaction.

Clearly, Whitfield is aware of the potential fallout if these comments are taken as they were initially delivered. His desire to clear the air with Newton is proof of that awareness.

It should be noted, McKenna stood by his comments:

Harry Has Played Well in the Last 2 Games

What appears to be lost in all of this is Harry’s improved play over the past two games. Yes, the Patriots took a damaging loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night, and their playoff hopes are all but dashed, but Harry showed flashes of the physicality that made him a first-round pick in 2019.

He led the Patriots in receiving yards with 49 and could have created another advantageous spot for the team had he gotten a call on a defensive pass interference in the second half. Harry caught just his second touchdown pass of the season in the win over the Los Angeles Chargers in the game from the prior week. It is his only scoring grab from Newton to this point.

The passing yards are pretty modest, but when the starter only has 16 pass attempts in the first three quarters, and most of the throws are check-downs, shallow crosses, and slants, it’s going to be difficult to rack up the receiving yardage. Before Newton, Harry or any of the players in the Patriots’ passing game are fairly evaluated, the offense needs to be opened up and to become more balanced.

Perhaps we’ll see a bit of that on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

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