Savage Patriots Fans Hijack Comments on Brian Hoyer Birthday Tweet

Getty Brian Hoyer

Sports fans can be cold, and New England Patriots Nation is no exception.

The comments on a Happy Birthday post from the team to Brian Hoyer are pretty savage and funny.

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Happy Birthday, Brian

Hoyer turned 35 on Tuesday, which is reason to rejoice (especially in today’s world), so allow me to first extend my own personal birthday wishes to my namesake. Unfortunately, members of the Patriots fanbase weren’t so kind as Hoyer was lambasted on Twitter after the team posted this Happy Birthday message to the veteran quarterback.

Seems nice, right? That’s until you unleash the savagery from the comments section. It would be difficult to embed each reply separately. Luckily, Pats Nation 365 posted some of the funniest replies in a single Instagram post:

Hopefully, Hoyer spends the day with family and friends and doesn’t meander off into the Twitterverse on his special day.

What Led to the Vitriol?

The Patriots took on the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs last Monday in a matchup that was supposed to feature Cam Newton going head to head with Patrick Mahomes. Newton tested positive for COVID-19 just days before and was ruled out. Newton’s unexpected unavailability forced Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to turn to his reserves to find a replacement.

Belichick chose Hoyer over Jarrett Stidham, likely because he figured the former’s experience and familiarity with the system would produce more poise and a better chance to pull the upset on the road. Belichick was wrong.

Hoyer came out and produced some of the worst football you’ll see over two-plus quarters which included egregious clock mismanagement and losing count of the number of timeouts the team possessed on the last drive of the first half.

Hoyer was so bad, Belichick pulled him for Stidham in the third quarter, but the second-year pro couldn’t bring the team back. After the game, Hoyer was dragged through the mud by Patriots Nation, members of the media, and Hall-of-Famers like Fox’s Shannon Sharpe who said the veteran quarterback “might be a double agent.

Will Hoyer Ever See the Field Again With the Patriots?

You hesitate to say never, but after that performance on national televisionin prime timeyou have to wonder if Belichick could ever allow himself to hand the keys to the offense back over to Hoyer.

Tuesday is his birthday, and at 35 years old, it’s unlikely his arrow is pointing up. Rust might have played a role in the performance, but for all intent and purpose, what you see is what you’re likely to get with Hoyer.

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