Hall of Famer Makes Serious Insinuation About Patriots’ Brian Hoyer

Getty Brian Hoyer

The New England Patriots had a chance to win on Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs, but Brian Hoyer simply wouldn’t let that happen. The Patriots wound up losing 26-10, but the score was only 6-3 at the half and the Patriots were within striking distance most of the game.

However, Hoyer blew all of the team’s opportunities. Hoyer’s errors were so egregious, Hall-of-Famer Shannon Sharpe wondered on Twitter about Hoyer’s intentions.

Sharpe wasn’t the only person pointing out Hoyer’s failures.

Hoyer’s Errors Were the Worst Kind

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Brian Hoyer was SO BAD on Monday, here's what the media and NFL family had to say about his performance. Former NFL player and ESPN analyst Nooooooooooo!!! That did not just happen. What in the Chris Webber is Brian Hoyer doing? You ain’t got no timeouts man!! Barstool's Big Cat Does Brian Hoyer have too much arm strength? Aaron Schatz See, the problem is that Brian Hoyer is not very good. Steven Ruiz Multiple NFL teams decided that Brian Hoyer was a better football player than Colin Kaepernick. Shannon Sharpe Brian Hoyer might be a double agent. Twice he’s cost the Pats points #Patriots #NewEnglandPatriots #CamNewton #StephonGilmore #DevinMcCourty #JasonMcCourty #PatrickChung #BrandonBolden #LawrenceGuy #ChaseWinovich #JoshUche #KyleDugger #JoeThuney #JamesHarris #LamarMiller #JarrettStidham #AdamButler #JJTaylor #DevinAsiasi #DaltonKeene #JulianEdelman #NKealHarry #MohamedSanu #DavidAndrews #BillBelichick #RobertKraft #AFCEast #AFC #NFL

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The last thing any player wants to do, especially the quarterback, is cost his team points. Hoyer did that on at least two occasions by taking egregious sacks. Furthermore, he was horrible with his accuracy and simply looked out of sorts for the entire time he was in the game.

We all knew his arm strength wasn’t spectacular, but at times it looked as if he was throwing a medicine ball more than a pigskin. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick turned to Jarrett Stidham in relief in the second half. Stidham looked a little better, although he threw two interceptions, but it was too late to prevent the Patriots from going down.

Worst of all, the Patriots’ defense played excellently. They slowed down the Chiefs’ high-powered offense, got to Patrick Mahomes and gave the offense more than enough opportunities to win. Hoyer and Stidham just couldn’t get it done.

So, How Soon Can Cam Newton Return?

These failures make it all the more apparent that Newton is the most valuable player on the Patriots’ roster.

If all goes right and Newton stays asymptomatic, as he has reportedly been since testing positive COVID-19, and he can post negative test results through the week, he could be back for the Week 5 matchup with the Denver Broncos.

If not, the Patriots and their fans will likely be seeing Stidham as their starter against Denver.

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