Patriots Legend Agrees With Criticism From Veteran WR

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The New England Patriots offense has struggled throughout the 2022 NFL season and members of the organization have seemed to have enough.

New England’s offense has only recorded 2,781 passing yards (21st in the NFL), and 1,259 rushing yards (24th in the NFL) per Pro Football Reference. With the Patriots also sitting at the bottom of the AFC East with a 6-6 record, confidence isn’t high among fans.

With struggles can come frustration and that was perfectly displayed in Kendrick Bourne’s postgame comments after the Patriots Week 13 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

“It’s hard,” Bourne said. It goes into the aspect of it, you go to the sideline you’re just like, ‘man.’ You can’t not believe in your abilities, you know we’re all here for a reason. It’s just frustrating as a man, you know what I mean? We’re all men in here and we all want to contribute, but it’s just hard because it’s 11 men. One person can’t mess up, it’ll mess up the whole thing. It’s just about being mentally strong every single play, every single second of the game. It gets frustrating, it’s just a part of the NFL.

“We just need to scheme up better,” Bourne added. “We need to know what they’re doing. We need to know what they want to do on third down, you know what I mean? We’re kind of sporadic. They call this and we call that and it falls into what they want. We need to have it where they’re falling into what we want. That’s not my job. It’s my job to just run the call.”

Does Troy Brown Agree With Bourne?

New England legend and current wide receivers coach Troy Brown met with the media on Monday and echoed some of Bourne’s sentiments.

“We need to do it all better. We need to scheme up better. We need to practice better. We need to play better. We need to do a whole lot of things better,” Brown said. “Just not one thing you can throw out there and say we need to do better. We just have to execute better and that comes in every department in the building right now. That’s playing, coaching – whatever it is, quarterbacking, receiving, running back, blocking. Whatever it is, we have to have some accountability for it and be better at it. And just keep plugging along at it.”

Are Other Wide Receivers Frustrated?

Bourne isn’t the only wide receiver who is fed up with how New England’s offense is performing. DeVante Parker was unhappy with how the game against the Bills played out.

“When we came into this game, that’s what our game plan was right at the start,” Parker said. “Throw short, quick tosses. Get it out there … Get the ball out quicker.

Yeah,” Parker added when asked about the lack of a deep ball in New England’s offense. “It is because throwing deep sparks our offense, whoever’s making a play. Once we hit deep passes, our whole offense comes alive. That’s a big part of our offense.”

Frustration is mounting among coaches and players which usually spells trouble for an organization. Fans will see how New England reacts  when the Patriots player the Arizona Cardinals in Week 14.

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