Twitter Reacts to Bill Belichick & Patriots Running up the Score vs. Jets

Bill Belichick Patriots

Getty Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

The New England Patriots dominated the New York Jets in Week 7 in every facet of American football on Sunday, October 24 to the tune of a 54-13 beatdown. However, if you wanted to sum up this game in six words, they would be: Bill Belichick really hates the Jets.

Running the score up is generally frowned upon in sports, but in some instances where there is extreme hate involved, you may see a coach throw caution to the wind. Sunday, or perhaps any day, Belichick had a chance to rub it in the face of the Jets.

The Patriots had this game well in hand midway through the third quarter, but Belichick would not take his foot off the gas. What does that mean? Well, not only did the Patriots go for 54 points, they did it in the most merciless, technically unnecessary way possible.

Belichick had his offense throwing deep routes with 30-point leads in the fourth quarter, and literally taking every opportunity to add more points. Belichick didn’t call off the dogs until the 2-minute warning when he finally instructed backup quarterback Brian Hoyer to take a knee. It was ugly. Here’s how the NFL Twitterverse reacted to Belichick’s mercenary-like approach to the execution of the Jets.

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Twitter Reacts to Patriots Blowout Win

As you might expect, there was a spirited Twitter reaction to Belichick’s coaching decision.

New York Newsday’s Bob Glauber points out the obviously intentional throat-stomping actions from Belichick.

Here’s a look at the deep look down the field to Kendrick Bourne from Mac Jones. NFL insider Dov Kleinman knows the deal.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY keeps it really simple and accurate with this GIF.

The Athletic’sJeff Howe doubts Belichick has forgiven the Jets for his differences with the organization.

How often do we see a team literally look as though they have a goal of scoring 50 points in an NFL game?

As the beatdown was in progress, many began to wonder when or if Belichick would go to his backups like veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer.

The Jets Press chimes in with the why-us tweet

Talk show host Amy Lawrence knows there is a little extra something on every Patriots win over the Jets.

Pat Garofalo considers the Patriots a smart bet to cover the spread when playin the Jets.

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Will all this obviously ill will, it’s only natural for some to wonder–if they don’t know–where does the animosity come from?

Belichick Has a History With the Jets

The history between Belichick and the Jets goes back decades. At one time, Belichick was actually hired to be the Jets head coach as he was to succeed his mentor Bill Parcells.

Things got murky and Belichick ultimately resigned from the position at the press conference that was arranged to officially announce him as the head coach.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini described it as followed:

Belichick delivered one of the most stunning announcements in sports history. Moments before he was to be formally introduced as the Jets’ coach, he famously scribbled on a sheet of loose-leaf paper that he was resigning as the “HC of the NYJ.” He handed it to team officials and conducted a 50-minute news conference that went over like fingernails on a chalkboard.

What happened that day forever changed the Jets, the New England Patriots and the NFL. Twenty years later, it still evokes a variety of reactions from those involved — anger, laughter, bewilderment, vindication and paranoia. Some harbor conspiracy theories, believing Belichick was in cahoots with the Patriots before quitting on the Jets and his mentor, Bill Parcells. That he briefly left the building with a briefcase triggers images of clandestine and improper activity.

We don’t know what led to Belichick’s abrupt exit from New York, but we do know a legal battle ensued that ended with the Jets trading Belichick to the Patriots for a first-round pick in 2000 and late-round picks in following seasons.

Belichick and one of his former assistants with whom he has had some stormy encounters, Eric Mangini, left the Patriots to coach the Jets, which added to the nastiness. Mangini was the whistle-blower in the Patriots’ “Spygate” case as well.

Along the way, there have been a number of smaller instances to add fuel to the fire. Belichick and the Patriots have now beaten the Jets 12 times in a row.


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