Insider Slams Giants for Gatekeeping: ‘Please Bring That Same Energy’

Insider calls out Giants for Gatekeeping

Getty New York Giants.

To say that Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants are headed in different directions would be an understatement. Beckham is fresh off a three-touchdown performance, in return helping his Cleveland Browns reach their first 3-1 record since 2001. The Giants on the other hand, currently living in the cellars of a putrid NFC East division, wrapped up their fourth loss of the year on Sunday by taking part in a postgame brawl headed by a player GM Dave Gettleman paid $23M to replace Beckham.

Daily News’ Pat Leonard thought that the Golden Tate-Jalen Ramsey brawl was a perfect time to call out fans and the organization for their unjustified criticism of Beckham during his time in New York. Leonard took to Twitter to tell those who pegged the three-time Pro Bowler as a “distraction and “culture problem” to “please bring the same energy to the Golden Tate-Jalen Ramsey fight.”

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Giants Deemed ‘Gatekeepers’

Leonard delved a bit deeper into the Giants’ treatment of Beckham, essentially condemning them for making the wideout their scapegoat for issues that went much deeper than Beckham’s flashy personality.

Not that many years ago, Odell Beckham Jr.’s every move was chronicled and replayed as he fought Josh Norman and punched a kicking net. Dave Gettleman considered him bad for the Giants’ culture and traded him and signed Tate in his place. And the networks still, as of this past spring, were replaying Beckham’s sideline antics on loop to reflect the Giants’ dysfunction.

But now Tate is reportedly throwing punches after his team falls to 0-4 and there is nothing for anyone to see. Strange. But of course with no locker room open, NFL teams can be the gatekeepers to who talks and who doesn’t.

Leonard also took aim at FOX and the Giants as a whole for what he deemed as sweeping the brawl between Tate and Ramsey “under the rug”:

The game broadcast cut to commercial as play-by-play announcer Adam Amin described the post-game extracurriculars in general terms. Fox later showed a replay of the ‘fireworks’ with players trying to pull people off a pile, but no mention of how the fight started.

And then the Giants shut down their postgame player Zoom interviews without making Tate available, despite numerous requests for him to talk, sending out Blake Martinez, James Bradberry, Nick Gates and Daniel Jones instead.

The Tate, Ramsey feud stems from what the wideout deemed “disrespect” that the cornerback showed towards his sister, of whom Ramsey shares two daughters with.

The on-field altercation almost seeped into the locker room, as ESPN’s Jordan Raanan has reported that Ramsey was waiting outside the Giants’ locker room for Tate, but a “round 2” was ultimately avoided.

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