Browns Star Nick Chubb Calls Out Saquon Barkley, Who Fires Back

Nick Chubb calls out Saquon Barkley

Getty Saquon Barkley (L) & Nick Chubb (R).

While there may be a game this weekend that determines the NFL champion for the 2020 NFL season, the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns are firmly in the thick of their offseason. This means offseason storylines filled with rumors and, at times, relative nonsense.

With that said, let’s get into a debate about two men and their thighs.

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Nick Chubb Says He’d Win in Squat-Off With Saquon Barkley

In a recent Bleacher Report AMA segment, Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl running back Nick Chubb answered a slew of questions, ranging from his relationship with quarterback Baker Mayfield, to weirdest fan interaction, to the infamous who’s better: MJ or Lebron debate.

Yet, buried in between Chubb’s more notable takes, was a subtle, yet confident voicing of his belief that he could top Giants star Saquon Barkley, AKA SaQuads, in a squat-off.

“It’d be me,” the 227-pound bruising running back sternly stated. “Don’t let his legs shots fool you,” he added. The latter remark, likely a slight jab at Barkley’s preference to break out a pair of short-shorts from time to time to better flaunt his tree trunks for thighs.

Barkley caught wind of Chubb’s remarks and wasn’t having any of it. The former NFL Offensive Rookie of the year quickly took to Twitter to call out the Browns running back, urging Chubb to stop lying to himself.

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Barkley vs. Chubb – Strength vs. Strength

Barkley is a well-known workout warrior. A 233-pound specimen, the Penn State product has readily produced gaudy numbers in the weight room, owning nearly every Nittany Lions weight lifting record for a running back in school history. Back in 2018, ESPN’s Jordan Raanan wrote in a column that Barkley can squat 650 pounds and clean 400 pounds.

The 23-year-old New York native has also demonstrated his freaky traits in other, less conventional ways, such as jumping out of a pool with ease.

As for Chubb, he’s no scrub himself when it comes to the iron. In 2014, as a student at Cedartown High School, Chubb set a Georgia state power clean record by lifting 395 pounds, per the Polk County Standard Journal. He also squatted 645 pounds and bench pressed 390 pounds.

Chubb’s prowess in the weight room has only gone up since arriving in the NFL. Here’s a clip of the two-time 1,000-yard rusher squat cleaning 415 pounds prior to the start of this past season:

Here’s Chubb box-squatting nearly 600 pounds for reps:

Not to be outdone, the Giants shared clips of Barkley man-handling 585-pounds on the same exercise just three days after Chubb’s box-squats hit the internet.

Safe to say both running backs are extremely strong, and while it’s unlikely we see a squat-off anytime soon between these two stars, we certainly wouldn’t be opposed to one down the road.

As of now, Barkley is focused on not only getting back to full strength after suffering a season-ending torn ACL this past season, but exceeding his previous form altogether.

“For me, [I’m] just trying to get better, and whenever I come back, just try to be a better version of myself for my team,” Barkley told CBS Sports earlier this week.


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