Aaron Rodgers Will Have ‘Some Say’ in Key Jets Competition

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing around the football in Lake Tahoe.

Aaron Rodgers will be serving as more than just the quarterback for the New York Jets in 2023.

Rich Cimini of ESPN revealed in his training camp preview article that A-Rod “probably will have some say” in who starts at the center position this season.

Connor McGovern has been the starting center for Gang Green over the last three seasons. He has appeared in 48 out of the last 50 games.

However, the Jets invested the No. 43 overall pick in the second round of April’s draft to select Joe Tippmann out of Wisconsin. He is the future, but the question is who is the present?

Jets Camp Battle: Old Man vs. Rookie

McGovern is 30 years of age and he”will get every opportunity to stave off the rookie” for the starting gig according to Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic.

Although the truth is in the details.

The Jets allowed McGovern to explore the open market and the big man didn’t find anything he liked this offseason. Ultimately the former Missouri product decided to return to New York on a far different deal than he originally signed back in 2020.

When the former Denver Broncos veteran signed with the Jets originally it was a three-year deal for $27 million with over $18 million in total guarantees.

However this April he signed a one-year deal for $1.9 million with only $1.25 million in guaranteed money.

That is backup money. Tippmann being the No. 43 overall pick is a massive investment by an NFL franchise and normally is reserved for players that are expected to be starters sooner rather than later.

Rosenblatt bluntly said that the Jets “would like” for Tippmann to win the job this offseason.

Cimini said heading into training camp, “It’s Tippmann’s job to win.” Rosenblatt actually predicted in a column posted on July 11 that the rookie will win the job in camp at the center spot.

I’ll also throw one more name into the mix although he’s a bit of a dark horse, veteran Wes Schweitzer. Tippmann and McGovern will be higher on the priority list but the versatile backup could make some noise in camp.

If McGovern wins the job that doesn’t necessarily guarantee he will keep it throughout the season. Tippmann could very well take the gig away in the middle of the year, maybe a potential switch could make sense during the Week 7 bye if McGovern were to struggle.

Should Rodgers Have Say in This Decision?

A-Rod has plenty of sway and influence with the Jets.

He is a four-time NFL MVP and the most accomplished player in team history. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has been very open this offseason about how much Rodgers’ will be involved with putting this thing together.

However, should he have sway on who starts at the center position for the Jets? Absolutely.

There are few things more important than the relationship between a center and his quarterback.

Interestingly according to Cimini, Rodgers “has played” with rookie centers in the past. So he has had experience with veterans and youngsters, so his history with the Green Bay Packers doesn’t seem to indicate a lean one way or the other heading into camp.

The Jets have done everything in their power this offseason to smooth the transition from the Packers to the Jets for A-Rod.

That has included bringing in several of his former teammates, members of the coaching staff, and even control on offensive philosophy.

If they were willing to do all of that, of course, he should be included in the room when the Jets decide who the heck will be snapping him the ball during the season.