Tom Brady Makes Strong Vow After Jets Game: ‘That Is the Last Time’

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Getty Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady throwing some dimes on the New York Jets defense.

New York Jets rookie cornerback Brandin Echols checked an item off his bucket list when he intercepted Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady at the end of the first half of their Week 17 matchup.

Echols was so proud of his moment that after the game he met up with Brady at midfield and got the GOAT to autograph that same ball.

It caused quite the controversy on social media with some calling the move “pathetic” after a heartbreaking loss while others didn’t have a problem with it.

Brady finally spoke about the moment and shared his take on the polarizing topic.

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Brady Makes Things Very Clear

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On the Let’s Go podcast, Brady shared that was the first time in his career that he signed an intercepted ball:

“That was the first time, what a nice guy, a young player it was actually kind of flattering. it isn’t often that I sign an interception ball, I’m pretty sure that is the first time. I don’t necessarily like signing mistakes let me just say that. That is the last time I’ll do that. I know this is the season of giving but I’m not giving any more gifts to people for that either.”

Jim Gray, the host of the Let’s Go podcast, quipped, “it’s a bit like the captain of the Titanic autographing the iceberg.”

While some have been offended by it and others have been cool with it, we should take a moment to tip the cap to Brady.

It was a very gutsy move by Echols, a 24-year-old rookie, to ask the greatest quarterback of all time to sign a ball that was intercepted.

Brady could’ve easily shut him down and told him to kick rocks, instead he handled it like a pro and that is a moment Echols will remember for the rest of his life and tell his grandkids about one day.

Coach Defended His Guy

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Head coach Robert Saleh was asked about the situation during Monday’s open availability with the media and gave a pretty candid take:

“I knew you’d ask that [Brian Costello], ha but I get it there are fans who watch and care so much about the result of the game. So in turn they want the players to care just as much as they do. So optically I see where some people could take offense to it. Although the reality is the NFL is a brotherhood. They compete like hell against each other for four hours and then when the final whistle blows they do jersey exchanges and have nice conversations. That is a very cool genuine moment.”

Then after his media availability on Mondays, he then turns around to join The Michael Kay Show every week for his hit and was asked about it again. Saleh reiterated that he didn’t have a problem with it and then was asked if he was in that situation would he do it if it was him in that scenario?

“Me? No, but he without sin casts the first stone. Just because I wouldn’t do something doesn’t mean I’ll pass judgment on someone else for doing it.”

Once he hung up the phone, the radio crew gave him a ton of credit for backing his player, even if he disagreed with him.

That quite frankly is the most attractive quality about Saleh as a head coach. There is no coach-speak or BS, he is the same man at the press conferences that he is on the field and on the street. There is a genuineness there that is so refreshing and it clearly resonates with his players.

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