Jets Fans Warned About ‘Sign of Things to Come’ With Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers warming up during practice.

The New York Jets experienced an injury scare when Aaron Rodgers hurt his calf during practice.

While all signs point to it being minor, fans were still warned on Thursday, June 1 that it could be a “sign of things to come.”

“[Aaron Rodgers] is going to be 40 at some point in the season and I’m sorry Robert Saleh but your body kind of is your age. That’s the one thing you can’t cheat,” former NFL player Domonique Foxworth explained on Get Up. “At some point, there is no amount of exercise or stretching or anything that is going to bring back resilience in your muscles, joints, and ligaments. It’s a thing [with] older players, it’s going to impact the way that they play.”

Another former NFL player turned analyst, Sam Acho, also shared some thoughts on the Rodgers-Jets injury situation.

“In 2021 there’s a toe fracture. In 2022 there’s a thumb fracture. I get it, Aaron Rodgers plays through a ton of these injuries but sooner or later all these injuries start to pile up on your body as you get older. As age comes and time comes and you get hit a little bit more, it takes longer to recover and so this [calf] injury might not be that huge of a deal but it may be a sign of things to come.”

Aaron Rodgers Update From Jets OTAs

Rich Cimini of ESPN revealed that Rodgers has missed “four straight practices” since he tweaked his calf on May 23.

A-Rod participated in a limited fashion during Wednesday’s May 31 OTA practice that was open to the media. The expectation according to coach Saleh is Rodgers will return in full next week for the next scheduled OTA practice (Friday, June 9).

Jets fans will have to wait to see Rodgers throw in an official capacity in front of the media during practice, but there have been some glimpses.

Rodgers who was off to the side on Wednesday was casually tossing bombs during practice that caught the eyes of an array of Jets media.

“Aaron Rodgers is casually throwing 50-yard passes on a damn rope to a member of the Jets training staff,” Connor Hughes of SNY explained on Twitter. “He’s not even taking a step. He’s just flicking his wrist and it’s flying. Can’t say I’ve seen that before.”

Cimini said in a column posted on Wednesday, May 31 that Rodgers’, “39-year-old right arm looks fine.”

Dennis Waszak Jr of the Associated Press explained that the reason we didn’t see those Rodgers clips go viral on social media is that the team didn’t allow the media to record that portion of practice.

Andy Vasquez of NJ Advance Media caught Rodgers launching a pass over 60 yards “while lightly stepping into it.”

More on the Injury Warning for Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is 39 years of age and he will turn 40 during the 2023 season.

Father Time is undefeated and ultimately will win out against any player in the NFL or any other sport for that matter. However, Rodgers deserves credit for staving off Father Time over the latter half of his career.

Acho’s assessment of Rodgers’ recent injuries is correct, but the veteran passer has played through them.

Since 2014, considering a nine-year sample size, Rodgers has only missed 10 games. In other words, A-Rod has appeared in 134 out of 144 possible games during that stretch of time.

Rodgers explained during a media appearance on May 23 that he prides himself on playing through injuries and being there for his teammates.

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