The Morgan Moses Reporting Is Extremely Concerning for Jets

Morgan Moses Washington

Getty Former Washington offensive tackle Morgan Moses walking off the field contemplating his future.

Heading into the weekend it seemed like the New York Jets received a late Christmas gift from the Gods.

ESPN NFL Reporter Jeremy Fowler revealed on Thursday, June 17 that the Jets and veteran offensive tackle Morgan Moses were “making progress on a potential multi-year deal.”

The former Washington Football Team stud is a proven and reliable commodity that would bring stability to Gang Green’s trenches in 2021. Fowler described the Jets as the “favorite” to land the talented right tackle.

Fast forward several days later and … crickets. So what gives?

Taking a Closer Look at What Has Been Reported

Moses was released by Washington back on May 20 when the Football Team was unable to find a trade partner. The move was purely driven by the financials, not the level of play.

This provided a very rare opportunity for NFL teams this late in the process to add a meaningful piece at a huge position of need.

Fowler initially reported that two teams had separated themselves in the pursuit of Moses. The Chicago Bears and the Jets were a pair of teams that reportedly “made strides” to add the veteran but “no decision had been made.”

Then last week we got an updated report that the green and white had emerged from the pack. Although if you take a closer look at the reporting that has been done, it’s extremely concerning for the Jets.

Good news: “making progress”, “Jets considered favorite”, and “have made a compelling push.”

Bad news: “nothing done” and “other teams have been involved, too.”

Now let’s put on our speculation hat for a moment. What would be holding this deal up?

The only rational thing that makes sense is the Moses’ camp using the Jets’ potential offer as bait to draw other teams into the mix and/or to create a bidding war.

If this is truly the reason it’ll likely give Gang Green fans horrible flashbacks to the 2018 offseason when the Jets were used and abused by then free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The Jets were ready to go all-in on Cousins, but apparently, the feeling wasn’t mutual. The former two-time Pro Bowler leveraged the historic Gang Green offer to get more money out of the Minnesota Vikings and it worked.

There’s no guarantee that this is what’s happening between Moses and the Jets, but it’s hard not to let your mind wander as every waking day passes during this long offseason ahead of training camp.

It’s Time To Put Up or Shut Up

Even if Moses is trying to get more money out of the Jets, they should still bite the bullet and take the plunge.

This isn’t your typical free agent that is available in the middle of June. Moses has started 96 consecutive games over the last six years at right tackle.

There are times in life when it’s important to be cheap/selective with your resources, this isn’t one of those moments. There are zero excuses for the Jets, they have over $32 million in cap space which is the second-highest amount in the NFL.

This addition would help your rookie quarterback Zach Wilson sleep a little better at night.

George Fant is a serviceable starter, but there’s no question Moses would be an immediate and significant upgrade. Then Fant would either move into a swing tackle role or would kick inside to guard for the first time in his NFL career. Either way that would increase the overall depth of the trenches which is never a bad thing.

The other big reason the Jets should make this move is the uncertainty around franchise cornerstone Mekhi Becton. The former Louisville standout was unable to stay healthy during his rookie campaign, but Becton was an imposing and dominant force when he was on the field.

Although this troublesome foot issue and concerns about his weight have the Jets on the edge of their seats. While Moses doesn’t have a ton of experience protecting the blindside, he has shown some chutzpah in that department.

When you rest your head on a pillow at the end of the night and you get that warm tingly feeling in your gut, it’s priceless. The Jets have an opportunity to give that feeling to every Jets fan on the planet by making this addition official.

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