Price Revealed for Potential Jets Trade Back With QB Needy Team

New York Jets, NFL Draft

Getty NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing a New York Jets selection during the NFL Draft.

The New York Jets could make history in 2024.

General manager Joe Douglas has never traded down in the first round during his tenure. However, the team only has five selections in April’s draft and is specifically missing a second-rounder from the Aaron Rodgers trade.

One way they could recoup some assets is by trading down in the first round. Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report recently revealed what that could look like for the green and white.

“Predicted Trade Package: 2024 first-round pick (Nos. 11-13 range) [and a] 2024 third-round pick.”

Gang Green’s No. 10 overall pick is worth 1,300 points. The next three picks in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft sit at 1,250, 1,200, and 1,150 points of value.

The proper return price according to the draft value chart is a mid-fourth-rounder to drop one spot, a late third-rounder to drop two spots, or a mid-third-rounder to drop three spots.

Although Ballentine explained that a “quarterback tax” could bring additional assets back to the Jets on draft day.

Jets in Perfect Position to Take Advantage of Second-Tier QB Run in Draft

The three teams that pick after the Jets in the first round are as follows: Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Each of those teams has serious quarterback questions and could consider taking a passer in the first round.

ESPN NFL Draft Analyst Jordan Reid is “hearing” that Michigan standout JJ McCarthy “will be the fourth quarterback off the board.”

This would be the best-case scenario for the Jets. This is a win now team and they need win now pieces. Trading down always sounds great on paper, but if you trade down too far you can miss out on some top-level prospects.

If this QB run happens as many predict, the Jets could maximize a return on a potential trade down while also managing how far back they move.

Insider Shares Jets Mindset Ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft

Brian Costello of the New York Post joined me on “The Boy Green Show” and wanted to clear up a false narrative that was floating out there in the social media streets.

“Yeah, I don’t think they’re [the Jets] desperate [to trade down]. I know some people have said oh they’re desperate to get into the second round. My understanding is they are not. They feel pretty comfortable with where they draft in the third round that they can still get a starter,” Costello explained to me. “I think their goal is to come out of this draft with two starters and they feel like they can do that with what they have. They have considered moving down in the past it just hasn’t hit the right way. I think if all of those [offensive] tackles are gone it’s a decent possibility they trade down.”

Two of the Jets’ top needs are on the offensive line and at wide receiver. I’ve been told by draft experts that there is more starter depth at wide receiver in the third round versus in the trenches.

Connor Rogers of NBC Sports feels strongly that you can get a starting wide receiver in the third round. That would backup the point that Coz made about the Jets’ confidence with that draft selection.

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