Joe Flacco’s Former Teammate Fires Shot at Jets’ Zach Wilson

Joe Flacco

Getty New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco during Week 3 of the 2022 season.

The New York Jets will get Zach Wilson back in Week 4, but not everyone is convinced that’s a good thing as the team heads to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers.

During a guest spot on Fox Sports One’s “The Carton Show,” former Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Terrell Suggs joined Craig Carton to talk Jets-Steelers and he had a strong opinion on the return of Wilson and how it might go.

Terrell Suggs Tells Joe Flacco to ‘Stay Ready’ in Week 4

At about the three-minute and 25-second mark of the video above, Carton told Suggs that he doesn’t know what the expectation is for Wilson during his first game back, he just knows it will be “a lot better” than Joe Flacco — teeing up the ex-Super Bowl champion teammate of the veteran backup.

“I doubt it. I doubt it,” Suggs cut in. “I was just [gonna] say — hey Joe, hang tight, stay ready, stay focused. Stay out there. Stay focused, stay in the playbook, don’t get Jimmy G’d, you understand?”

The former seven-time Pro Bowler is referencing Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, who was first replaced by second-year QB Trey Lance only to return to the starting lineup after an injury. Garoppolo did not look prepared during his second chance with the Niners and apparently, Suggs has very little faith in Wilson and doesn’t want Flacco to make the same mistake.

In other words: “Stay ready,” your next opportunity may come sooner than you think.

Now, Flacco may not hear this piece of advice but Jets nation is getting it loud and clear. It’s not the first time anyone’s doubted Wilson on national television since he’s entered the league but in the spirit of 2022, we’ll keep that receipt, Mr. Suggs.

Is it an easy matchup for Wilson? Not necessarily. Pittsburgh is always a tough place to play and Mike Tomlin’s staff is as tricky as they come from a coaching perspective.

Having said that, there’s no T.J. Watt and the Steelers offense shouldn’t light the world on fire either. Wilson’s gotten the same consistent advice from every Jets analyst or supporter all week — get the ball out fast, don’t try to do too much, and trust in your playmakers.

If the young signal-caller does that, he should be able to outperform Flacco.

Suggs Comments on Quinnen Williams Drama

Carton also asked Suggs his opinion on the current drama between star defensive tackle Quinnen Williams and the Jets coaching staff.

In case you missed it, Williams was caught on camera screaming in the face of defensive line coach Aaron Whitecotton in Week 3. Then defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich made a comment that unintentionally threw the lineman under the bus — at least from a fan perspective — implying the D-tackle was out of shape.

Williams then reacted on social media, retweeting an old video that disproved Ulbrich’s “gasping for air” quote and head coach Robert Saleh called the media coverage of the entire situation “bush league.” Any questions?

Well, assuming your head isn’t spinning, Suggs weighed in on the recent NYJ beef.

First off, the ex-Raven doesn’t believe Williams is wrong to feel slighted. “Hey man, can you remove that knife from out of my back?” Suggs joked to Carton about the comments. “Like, what the hell was that?”

“[Ulbrich’s remarks were] kind of bogus,” he continued. “There’s a way to say everything without throwing your player under the bus. You still gotta play with him. You still gotta play 14 games.”

Suggs concluded that Ulbrich was “passing the buck,” or blame, because everyone on the Jets staff is starting to get that “hot-seat feel.”

Of course, that’s just one man’s opinion but as an ex-player, Suggs’ thoughts do give you a sense of how Williams might feel. At the very least, Ulbrich might want to go apologize to his star talent for misspeaking at the podium.

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