LeBron James’ Associate Takes Harsh Shot at Knicks Legend [LOOK]

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In an unforeseen turn of events this season, the New York Knicks are a good basketball team again. New York has clinched a playoff spot for the first time since the Carmelo Anthony Knicks era. The team is eight games above .500 with a record of 39-31. They are currently in 6th place in the Eastern Conference and have a chance to be as high as the 4th seed with two games remaining on their regular-season schedule.

The Knicks have metaphorically been the NBA’s punching bag since forever, so whether they are playing good, bad, or in-between, somebody is going to have something negative to say about the Knicks. The latest person to throw shade at the orange and blue is a close associate of Los Angeles Lakers star and reigning NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, LeBron James

LeBron’s Friend Throws Shade at Patrick Ewing & Nicki Minaj

Cuffs the Legend is a well-known associate of LeBron. His connection with the four-time Most Valuable Player dates back to his time with the Cavaliers as he is a hoops trainer in the Cleveland area.

On Friday, rap artist Nicki Minaj dropped new music for the first time in 2021, and let us just say that Cuffs was not feeling it. In a recent tweet he suggested now that Minaj doesn’t have anybody writing her songs, the rap emcee’s best days are behind her. Cuffs compared Minaj’s newest release Beam Me Up Scotty, which is a deluxe version of the original mixtape that was released in 2009, to the tail-end of Knicks legend Patrick Ewing’s career with the Seattle Supersonics (who are now the Oklahoma City Thunder). It was one of the more forgettable stops in Ewing’s Hall of Fame career.

Cuffs the Legend Is Not New To Trolling

Cuffs has become an extremely popular social media villain over the last couple of years especially in the NBA Twitter community. Although his rise to fame may seem recent to the outside world, Cuffs suggests that his troll game on Twitter dates back to LeBron’s first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers and it has not stopped since then.

“It was happening in Miami. It was happening on the original Cleveland Cavs team stint and also in the second Cleveland Cavs stint. I’ve been seeing the trolls on Twitter and I became this polarizing figure I guess – if you want to say that,” Cuffs told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson during a recent appearance on Scoop B Radio.

“It happened early 2009 when Twitter first started. I mean, I was dealing with it when everybody had like, 25 followers; like I was dealing with it then with people coming at me. So, it is a weird energy that people have with me sometimes, but I get more love than I get hate so, we’re going to keep it rocking, you know?”

The higher up that you are, the more people will try to take shots at you, and the Knicks are beginning to learn that. This team will only continue to get better, and the more that they continue to win, the more smoke people will send the Knicks’ way. New Levels, new devils.

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