Lamar Jackson Makes More NFL History During Ravens Win

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson gestures during Ravens vs. Cowboys.

Lamar Jackson has quite literally broken the mold at quarterback in the NFL, and as he continues to put up great games on the field for the Baltimore Ravens, the accolades keep rolling in as well.

Tuesday night, with a dominating game over the Dallas Cowboys, Jackson set another amazing mark in his career. He became the first quarterback in NFL history to have 5,000 pass yards and 2,500 rushing yards in his first three seasons in the league.

The numbers help prove just how great Jackson has been with both throwing and running. Typically, quarterbacks can do one or the other, but for Jackson to excel at both is certainly a notable achievement. He has been lethal with his legs, but has had a strong enough arm to keep defenses honest as well. This work has led Jackson to being the NFL MVP last season. While he might not have the numbers to get back there this season, Tuesday night proves that Jackson can still get the job done as a high level game breaker in the league.

With this stat, Jackson is now giving future dual threat quarterbacks something to shoot for. It’s tough to understate how much that means at this point in the league’s ever-evolving offensive approach.

Lamar Jackson Helps Ravens Run Over Cowboys

Jackson helped contribute in a major way to a 34-17 thrashing over the Cowboys considering his 94 yards rushing in the game and 1 touchdown. Early on, Jackson took off on 4th down and scampered for a long touchdown run which got the Ravens going. He was able to factor in with his legs again. Most of the night, Jackson’s running back teammates helped do the damage, but he was able to inflict some damage as well. The Ravens ran for 294 yards, and Jackson did factor big in that total n the end.

Obviously, if the Ravens are going to go on a run to the playoffs, they will need their ground game to get back to inflicting damage on the opposition like they have in the past. That will only help Jackson to be more of a success when he does drop back in the pocket.

Lamar Jackson 2020 Stats

Jackson would be the first to admit a lot of the Ravens’ problems fall on him even in spite of how great he’s been statistically in his career. He’s been far from the dominating presence he was in 2019 when he claimed the MVP award. Through Week 13, Jackson has just 2,055 passing yards, 17 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Jackson has rushed for 669 yards and 4 touchdowns, but hasn’t made the big plays he was accustomed to making last season on the regular. It’s been a far different year for Jackson than in 2019 when he ran away with the MVP considering his elite play.

Even in spite of that, Jackson continues to make history at quarterback and break the traditional molds at the position. That much is clear after another dominating performance and another impressive record to his credit during a big win for his team.

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