Trace McSorley Fires Beautiful Pass for First Career Touchdown [WATCH]

Trace McSorley

Getty Trace McSorley during a Ravens game.

The Baltimore Ravens struggled most of Wednesday afternoon to put an offensive attack together until third string quarterback Trace McSorley entered into the game.

McSorley, coming off the bench to relieve Robert Griffin III, fired an impressive pass to wideout Marquise Brown, who managed to elude some Pittsburgh defenders and take off for the score. It was McSorley’s first career touchdown pass, and it came late in the game to cut into Pittsburgh’s lead.

Here’s a look at the play:

It was a gorgeous catch and run for Brown to make, and the 70 yard pass got the Ravens right back in the game. Sadly for Baltimore, their defense could not get off the field late and the Steelers ended up salting away the win late.

Even such, that shouldn’t ruin the moment for McSorley considering the excitement of this play.

Marquise Brown Called Out Before Steelers Game

Who needs to step up moving forward the rest of the way this season for the Baltimore offense? Nate Burleson had a great answer as it related to the Ravens recently, and as Burleson said, he’s got his eyes on another wideout needing to make big plays and eat on the field.

Burleson, a former wideout himself, said that he thinks Marquise Brown needs to step up to help his team in a big way this week in order to help turn around the Baltimore season on the field the rest of the way in 2020.

Burleson said:

“I’m going to go with a guy who people aren’t giving enough respect and you know, he hasn’t earned it. Listen, Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown is a fantastic talent for the Ravens. But what he did a few weeks ago, he called out the team. Tweeting, which we know is a tweet to the world, he said ‘what’s the point of having soldiers if you’re not going to use them.’ It’s a line off Paid in Full, a movie people loved and he hasn’t made enough plays. This past weekend they threw it to him three times. One was a little overthrown, another one he just plain out dropped. So if you want to be a superstar, a number one wide receiver, which I know that’s how you look at yourself, you’re going to have to make more plays even if there are limited opportunities. So for me, the guy who has to step up is Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown.”

Brown is just one of a host of Ravens wideouts struggling this season, and arguably the only player who has stepped up lately has been Willie Snead. Someone is going to have to meet Snead halfway, and that’s where Brown comes in.

Obviously, it was nice to see him have a big catch in this game to not only help his rookie quarterback, but his own confidence as well. Perhaps he can use it as a springboard moving forward.

Trace McSorley Stats

With this score under his belt, McSorley gets his first taste of league action. Many might not know the quarterback was long productive at Penn State, having thrown for 9,899 yards and 77 touchdowns in his four year career at the college. He entered the NFL as a project considering his size, but with this play, it’s obvious that he has plenty of talent to rely on moving forward.

It will be fun to see what the Ravens plan on doing with McSorley the rest of his career. This is a good first feather in his cap to get a score against the Steelers.

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