Bills QB Josh Allen Trolled Over Unconventional Golf Shot in Viral Video

Josh Allen

Getty Josh Allen talks to reporters after a golf tournament.

As Josh Allen teed off in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week, a video of his unusual approach to a bad lie caught some viral attention — and led to some trolling of the Buffalo Bills quarterback.

Allen opted to skip out of playing in the NFL’s Pro Bowl this season so he could compete in the celebrity golf tournament for the second consecutive year. The Bills quarterback has gained some fame for his golf game and last year was tapped to take part in a nationally televised competition that paired him with Patrick Mahomes against Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

With plenty of spotlight on Allen, the PGA took the opportunity to troll him by recalling one of his most unconventional shots.

Bills Fans Roast Allen After Resurfaced Video

In a clip shared on February 2, just as the first round of the tournament was kicking off, Allen was seen surveying a difficult lie after he had hit a shot far from the fairway. After measuring the distance and lining up his shot, Allen bent over and picked up the ball, then threw it back toward the hole.

Fans roasted Allen over his creative bending of the rules, though some pointed out that the video was actually from his appearance last year, not from the current tournament. Still, many found his approach funny.

“Golf has silly rules and who hasn’t kicked a ball into the fairway or thrown it when necessary??” one Bills fan tweeted.

Others poked fun at Allen’s struggles with turnovers this season.

“Was it intercepted in the end zone? Im just happy he didn’t fumble it,” another person tweeted in response.

Josh Allen’s Golf Career Evolves

Allen has made a name for himself on the golf course, and on Thursday turned in one of his best performances. He and partner Keith Mitchell finished 8-under in the first round, putting them in 10th place and on pace to make the cut.


The Pebble Beach event has picked up steam as well, with Allen and Aaron Rodgers becoming regular participants and some big attention coming with it. PGA Tour star Jordan Spieth, who has taken part in the tournament for the last 11 years, said he hopes to see it grow even more in the future.

“I would fight for an opportunity for this to be an elevated event in future years,” Spieth told The Associated Press. “I’m not sure if the format would have to change or what would have to happen. I really think the opportunity to get the top 50, 60, 70 players in the world playing Pebble Beach and that being a PGA Tour event would be as successful as when the U.S. Open’s held here. I think that trying to go to the world’s best courses, when you have the opportunity, would be advantageous.”

For Allen, the event has been well-timed. He opted out of the Pro Bowl in each of the last two seasons, citing bumps and bruises that accumulated over the course of the season, and the tournament gave him a chance to compete in his home state of California.

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