Bills WR Stefon Diggs Causes Stir With Cryptic Tweets

Stefon Diggs

Getty Stefon Diggs warms up before a Buffalo Bills game.

The drama around Buffalo Bills quarterback Stefon Diggs is now moving to social media after a series of cryptic tweets from the All-Pro wide receiver.

Diggs has been under the microscope since the team’s abrupt end to the season in a playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, when he was seen growing upset on the sidelines and reportedly left the stadium abruptly after it ended. Since then, Diggs has been the center of trade rumors and speculation about his future in Buffalo.

A series of tweets this week — and a seemingly confused response from a Bills teammate — has drawn even more attention.

Diggs Sparks Speculation With Tweets

Diggs has opened up about the turbulent end to the team’s season, explaining his outburst on the sidelines during the team’s divisional-round loss to the Bengals. Though there is no sign that Diggs wants out of Buffalo, he has still sparked speculation and some concern among fans with a series of tweets.

Diggs this week shared a series of cryptic statements about his attitude and future.

“Everybody know wassup wit me…” he tweeted.

The statement drew some worried responses from Bills fans, who were unsure of what he meant. Even teammate Cole Beasley seemed confused at what Diggs was hinting at with his tweet and said he hadn’t heard from his fellow wide receiver.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Beasley tweeted. “You don’t hit me up or nothing. Lol”

Diggs added another equally vague statement that sparked more concern among fans.

“I stay out the way… and mind my business,” he tweeted.

The tweets came not long after the Bills wide receiver’s younger brother took to social media to openly recruit Stefon Diggs to the Dallas Cowboys. Trevon Diggs shared an image of his brother wearing a Cowboys uniform on Instagram, and in an appearance on the Blogging the Boys podcast called on Cowboys fans to join in recruiting him.

Diggs Explains Frustrating End to Season

In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show in the days before the Super Bowl, Diggs said he didn’t regret his passionate response during the 27-10 loss to the Bengals. Diggs was seen growing heated with quarterback Josh Allen on the sidelines as the Bills struggled to move the ball, but said it was all in an effort to win the game.

“I will never apologize for passion,” Diggs said. “Some people will say don’t be a sore loser. It’s hard not to be frustrated.”

“I show you a good loser,” Diggs added. “I show you a loser.”

It was more than just one loss weighing on Diggs. He told Patrick that the Bills struggled over the back half of the season, facing more adversity and struggling to put away games as easily as they had done to start the year.

“We were creating ways to win, but just how we were winning wasn’t as smooth as the first nine weeks,” Diggs said. “We had a lot of ups and downs. And individually, trying to keep things tied together, it was just some crucial moments late in the year, late in the fourth quarter, there were opportunities that we didn’t take advantage of.”

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