Bills QB Josh Allen Trolls ‘Psychopath’ Offensive Coordinator on Twitter

Josh Allen

Getty Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills celebrates throwing a pass for a touchdown during the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at Highmark Stadium on August 20, 2022 in Orchard Park, New York.

There are only 15 more days until the Buffalo Bills take on the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 and it seems one of the team’s biggest offseason goals, for quarterback Josh Allen and first-time offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey to get on the same page, has been accomplished.

Dorsey, who took over Brian Daboll’s job after he left to become head coach of the New York Giants, is no stranger to Allen, as he was previously the Bills’ quarterbacks coach, but the two have reached a point in their relationship where the 26-year-old feels comfortable trolling his offensive coordinator on Twitter.

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One major decision that Dorsey, 41, must make before the season starts is whether he’ll coach from the sidelines or up from the booth. During the Bills’ first preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts, Dorsey was up in the booth, and he stayed there for the team’s next matchup against the Denver Broncos.

If the choice was up to Allen, Dorsey would absolutely stay in the booth, because as many players have noted throughout training camp, he’s an incredibly animated coach. The quarterback said with a smile while speaking to the media on Monday, August 22, “When OCs are up in the box I think they see things a little bit better. Coach McDermott said there is quite a hefty fine for any flags from the refs from the coaching staff so I think that also entices Dorsey to go up in the box. He gets fiery, man!”

On Tuesday, August 23, Allen’s statement was reiterated to Dorsey, who laughed and said, “I’d like to think I’m not too much of a psychopath.”

Later that day, Allen saw the video clip from Dorsey’s press conference and trolled the coach on Twitter. “Exactly what a psychopath would say 🤔,” he tweeted,.

During an interview on Colin Cowherd’s show on Tuesday, Allen made it clear that he loves working with Dorsey. “The relationship that we have is, by far and away, the best that you can have between a first-year signal caller and a quarterback,” he said.

On Wednesday, August 23, Bills’ head coach Sean McDermott was asked if he thought Dorsey was a “psychopath” and couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m not going to get in the middle of that,” McDermott told reporters, chalking up the discourse between his offensive coordinator and quarterback as “good fun banter.”

The Bills Final Preseason Game Is Against the Carolina Panthers on Friday

Dorsey has one more preseason game on Friday, August 26 to decide where he will call games. “It’s definitely a different atmosphere and all the division and being able to see is obviously one thing and then you being able to kind of spread out and call it and everything,” Dorsey told WGRZ.

“There’s definitely some pros to it obviously the cons to it is, not being able to be down there with the guys. That communication so the trust of the coaches on the sideline to deliver to the feel of the guys.”

“I got a lot of faith in all three of our quarterbacks in terms of, they prepare they study their tail off and you want to be able to trust them to go out and react to what they see and not predetermined based off of what you told them last,” Dorsey said.

McDermott Wanted Allen to Play in a Preseason Game to Work Out the Kinks With Dorsey

While NFL analysts and fans expressed major apprehension for Allen to participate in Saturday’s preseason game, as there’s no question as to who will be the team’s starting quarterback, McDermott made it clear there was a sound reason.

McDermott explained that it’s important for Allen to get comfortable with Dorsey calling the shots during a game.

“Getting out there and getting in the flow of a regular game, going through warmups, getting out there and executing and doing what we’ve been practicing in practice,” McDermott said. “Obviously, you want to score points, but just executing out there. Josh will be hearing a new voice (OC Ken Dorsey) in his ear as well, so there’s a lot we want to put into practice in a game that we’ve been practicing.”

Dorsey and Allen worked together perfectly against the Broncos. Allen scored a touchdown on his first drive, and then safely returned to the bench without injury much to everyone’s relief. During the first quarter against the Broncos, Allen was able to scramble and buy time in the pocket before connecting with receiver Gabe Davis with a 28-yard touchdown pass.

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