Rome Odunze Sends Bold Message to Bears Ahead of NFL Draft

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Getty Washington's Rome Odunze is one of the top receiving prospects in the 2024 NFL draft.

Rome Odunze, one of the projected top receivers in the 2024 NFL draft class, believes he can be the missing piece to help “revive” the Chicago Bears offense. And as far as their looming quarterback decision goes, he would be perfectly fine catching passes from either Justin Fields or Caleb Williams next season for them.

Odunze sat down with NBC Sports Chicago on 2024 Super Bowl Radio Row on February 7 and glowed about the possibility of the Bears drafting him in the first round. He has become one of the most popular first-round options linked to the Bears during the pre-draft process and could be a logical fit for their second pick at No. 9 overall.

“I’ve seen great things,” Odunze, a Las Vegas native, said of the Bears. “I was a big fan of Devin Hester growing up. That was my favorite player. So, I love it.”

Hester, a three-time All-Pro with the Bears from 2006 to 20013, is regarded as one of the best — if not the best — punt and kick returners of all time.

“Chicago is an amazing city, and I feel like in recent years they haven’t had the success that they wanted. And I feel like I could revive that, provide another asset to that offense to help propel them to another height. They’ve got a great quarterback in Justin Fields. I think he’s a baller. I think they’ve got some weapons. But I think they could add me, and [I could] be another asset for them.”

Rome Odunze Presents Ideal Pairing With DJ Moore

Odunze caught 92 passes for an FBS-leading 1,640 yards and 13 touchdowns during the 2023 season for Washington. At 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds, he excels as a route-runner and frequently wins contested catches with his physicality, making him an ideal match for the smaller-bodied DJ Moore, who blossomed into a superstar for Chicago in 2023.

Given the chance, Odunze said he would not mind that pairing one bit to start his NFL career.

“That would be awesome. He’s a dog,” Odunze told NBC Sports Chicago. “I remember watching — I mean he just doesn’t go down. His balance to maintain it through catches and stay on his feet and get those extra yards — it’s one of the highlights of his game. He’s smaller, but he has the speed, the physicality of a bigger receiver. He’s exciting to watch.”

Caleb Williams Is a ‘Special Player’ in Rome Odunze’s Eyes

Odunze had complimentary things to say about Fields when asked about his potential fit with the Bears in the draft. He homed in on Fields’ “unique skill set” with his legs and praised his ability to use them to evade pressure and make plays for the Bears.

How Odunze spoke about Williams felt distinctly different, though.

“He’s a special player,” Odunze said of Williams. “He can deliver it inside the pocket. I even saw it firsthand, his ability to get outside the pocket and make people miss and make plays. His awareness to be able to look downfield and be able to make some of the throws he makes — man, it’s incredible to watch.

“He’s a special player. It would be exciting to play with him.”

Realistically, Odunze is more likely to play with Williams than Fields if he begins his NFL career in Chicago. The widespread expectation is the Bears would turn their gaze to Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. with their top pick if they decided to pass on taking a quarterback. If the expectation proved true, it would eliminate Odunze at No. 9.

Then again, if the Bears traded from No. 1 down outside of the top 10, Odunze could remain in play for them at No. 9 overall — if he doesn’t come off the board before then.

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