Bears Trade ‘Potentially’ Could Happen in 4th Round of NFL Draft

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Getty Bears general manager Ryan Poles.

The Chicago Bears are eager to see how the NFL draft board shakes out while waiting to make their final pick at No. 122 overall in the fourth round, but they are also not ruling out the possibility of making their first trade of the draft.

Bears general manager Ryan Poles left the door open for a potential Day 3 trade when talking with reporters following the second day of the draft. While he emphasized the team does not want to just “give away picks” in the 2025 draft, he revealed the team still has a few “gold-level players” on their board who could tempt them to move further up.

“Yeah, we’ll see how the board plays out,” Poles said after April 26’s third round. “We’ve got some gold-level players that are still there so as it kind of drops down we’ll see if maybe we can get two of them. But again, we’ll just play the numbers game. We don’t want to do anything crazy. We have a nice setup for next year, too, so we don’t want to give away picks. But if it’s for a gold player, we potentially could do that.”

Which Positions Make Most Sense for Bears on Day 3?

The Bears likely have “gold-level” players at a variety of positions, but which positions might make the most sense for them either staying put or moving up from No. 122?

Edge rushers are a safe bet. Poles mentioned the team considered taking an edge rusher instead of Yale offensive tackle Kiran Amegadjie with the No. 75 pick. He also added that the desire to bolster their defensive line could motivate them to move up on Day 3.

Kansas’ Austin Booker is the best edge rusher available on ESPN’s draft board, and he did have a top 30 visit with the Bears during the pre-draft process. If he goes too early, UCLA’s Gabriel Murphy or Colorado State’s Mohamed Kamara could be options as well.

The Bears could also look to boost their interior tackle spots. They have two Day 2 picks from 2023 — Gervon Dexter Sr. and Zacch Pickens — and veteran Andrew Billings in place for next season, but another member of their defensive platoon could generate better results for them rushing the passer. If they go that direction, Clemson’s Tyler Davis, Oregon’s Brandon Dorlus or Alabama’s Justin Eboigbe could be “gold” targets.

Value Might Favor Bears Holding Onto 2025 Picks

With two days of the draft in the books, it is fair to assume the Bears will not have to consider any trade-up scenarios that involve them giving up one of their two second-round picks in the 2025 draft. If they want to move up, their best ammunition is likely one of their three 2025 sixth-round picks — one from Miami from the Chase Claypool trade and one from Pittsburgh for Justin Fields that could become a fourth-rounder.

Might it simply be better for the Bears to hold onto the picks, though?

The Bears are the only ones who know who the “gold” prospects on their draft board are, but it stands to reason they have next to no interest in targetting a running back or quarterback with the No. 122 pick. With that in mind, a run on either position could help them land who they actually want in the round without having to trade up.

The Bears might also feel like they do not need to solve all of their problems at once just because they found their new franchise quarterback. They have future assets that they could deal away to acquire talent now, but what if an injury happens that creates a need during training camp or the preseason? What if they reach the 2024 trade deadline and have an opportunity to get a premium starter as they did with Montez Sweat in 2023?

If we are talking value, the Bears may find the most in holding their ground, crossing their fingers and taking the best available player (on their board) at No. 122 overall.

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