Browns QB Deshaun Watson Makes Bold Declaration on Future

Deshaun Watson

Getty Images Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns.

Deshaun Watson hasn’t been shy to share some big-time aspirations for the next year, which is good news for Cleveland Browns fans.

While casually sipping on a drink, Watson posted a TikTok with the caption, “When you know 2023 ’bout to be a movie.”

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Last year was anything but a movie for Watson, who was suspended 11 games and fined $5 million for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy per the terms of a settlement reached between the league and the NFL Players Association.

When he returned to the lineup, Watson showed some very visible rust after almost two years away from the game. Watson played the final six games for the Browns, with the team going 3-3. Watson — who led the league in passing yards in 2020 — showed glimpses of his Pro Bowl form but completed 58.2% of his passes for 1,102 yards and seven touchdowns with five interceptions.

“It didn’t meet the expectations. Of course, we wanted to find our way into the playoffs and have extended games and an opportunity to clinch the division and all of these different things,” Watson said at the end of the season. “As far as just being able to play football again, get out there and knock some rust off, have some ups, have some downs and have some in-betweens and kind of really get the feel of how we want to operate as an offense and what we look forward to as the Cleveland Browns, it definitely did that. I am excited. I am definitely looking forward to this future for the Cleveland Browns, the organization and this team.”

Watson Expects Browns Offense to be ‘A Lot Different’

The Browns knew they were going to have to ease into a new-look offense with Deshaun Watson. His skill set was unlike anything head coach Kevin Stefanski had worked with before and finding the balance between the Nick Chubb-fueled run game and the pass wasn’t always flawless.

Watson’s creativity while dropping back was also something the offensive line and receivers had to adjust to, with the three-time Pro Bowler extending plays but oftentimes having nowhere to go. In his six starts, Watson was sacked a whopping 20 times, including seven in the final game of the season against the Steelers.

“We’re going to sit down. We’re going to have a man-to-man conversation. Nothing negative or anything like that, but just what can we do to be better offensively and as a team,” Watson said. “I think it will be totally different. We’ve seen a glimpse of what we wanted to do, but I think it will be a lot different, for sure.”

Browns Could Add Weapons for Watson

It would make sense for the Browns to tailor the offense to Watson, considering the commitment they made when trading a haul of picks for him last offseason and the fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million deal they signed him to upon his arrival.

The Browns will likely look to get him some help at the wide receiver position next season. Amari Cooper was great but names like DeAndre Hopkins and Brandin Cooks — both former teammates of Watson — have been floated as options for the Browns to look at via trade.

With the Browns in win-now mode, the front office should have no problem going all-in if the right opportunity presents itself.

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