Ex-Cowboys DE Gives Warning on Rising ‘Tension’ Between Roster Members

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb

Getty Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb

After the Dallas Cowboys’ exit from the playoffs, there was a barrage of reactions and statements put out from every direction. Most notably, the mother of CeeDee Lamb and the brother of Dak Prescott publicly expressed their displeasure with the Cowboys’ situation.

For former Dallas defensive end and current ESPN analyst Chris Canty, it is a discouraging sign. On ESPN program Get Up, Canty addressed the state of the franchise, stating that he thinks the “tension” in the organization is only going to ramp up.

“There are a lot more questions in Dallas that have to be answered in the way of leadership. I don’t know how that gets better with Mike McCarthy going into the season as a lame-duck coach,” Canty said on January 26. “…When I’m looking at this situation, I think the noise is only going to get louder. The families, those conversations that they’re having in private, that stuff is bubbling to the surface on social media and I don’t know how those players walk that back and so I think that’s only going to breed more tension moving forward.”

It certainly isn’t ideal to have players’ families chiming in negatively. However, there have been no documented comments or actions from the players themselves.

CeeDee Lamb’s Mother Appears to Slam Dak Prescott

As Heavy’s Jonathan Adams covered, Lamb’s mother, Leta Ramirez, turned heads after the Divisional Round loss to the Green Bay Packers. On January 19, Pick 6 Sports Live host @Your_Guy_Nix shared screenshots of what is apparently Ramirez’s Facebook posts after the defeat.

“DAK ISN’T IT!!!” Ramirez’s says initially. “… They need to get rid of [Dak’s] ***!! It’s guys on that team [that] wants a RING! They work [too] hard.”

Lamb had his best NFL season yet, but it’s clear Ramirez is still not impressed by Prescott. Lamb totaled 1749 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns on a league-leading 135 receptions.

Considering that he and Prescott both have contract situations to figure out, a potential rift in the relationship could create serious issues for Dallas. Further, who wins in a potential tug-of-war is something Cowboys fans will not want to think about in 2024.

Brother of Cowboys QB Speaks Peace

One of the other reactions that got attention came from Tad Prescott. While he didn’t criticize the coaching staff or other players in a January 20 post, he did encourage his brother Dak to leave the team due to the criticism he’s been receiving.

“Cowboy fans why continue to DM me TRUST ME, if I could get @dak to leave Dallas I would,” Tad said on X. “I too want him out of Dallas. The city and organization have been great to he and our family, but done with drama and the so called fans, but he loves this team, and wants to bring it rings.”

Like the post from Ramirez, it’s definitely not the kind of thing the team or its fans want to see. However, it’s far less pointed than the post from Ramirez. If anything, Tad is just looking to address the dissatisfied Cowboys fans that call for Dak’s job.