Cowboys’ Trey Lance Claims He’s ‘Confident’ Ahead of QB Battle

Cowboys quarterback Trey Lance

Getty Cowboys quarterback Trey Lance

For the Cowboys, this is expected to be the Summer of Trey. That’s because, with Dak Prescott still far removed from a potential contract extension and his potential free agency looming, all eyes are on Trey Lance to see whether he can show enough to take over the team’s starting role if Prescott does, indeed, hit free agency in 2025.

The Cowboys added Lance via a trade with the 49ers, for a fourth-round draft pick in this year’s draft. That was last summer, and at that point the Cowboys were already thinking that Lance would provide some leverage in contract talks with Prescott, giving them a reasonable alternative to Prescott on the roster. Lance, the No. 3 pick in 2021, is a reasonable alternative.

If he can show he is up to the job, at least. He will also need to win the backup job over popular No. 2 Cooper Rush.

At Cowboys OTAs this week, Lance said via he has confidence that he can do so.

“I’m confident, it is much higher than it was when I got into the NFL, for sure,” he said. “I kind of didn’t know what to expect. I think that’s probably most rookies, if not all of them at one point or another throughout that first year, that first offseason. I feel great about where I’m at. Continuing to get better, continuing to learn and continuing to be a better quarterback.”

Trey Lance Has Worked With Dak Prescott

Credit Prescott for his approach to Lance and the potential reality that Lance will replace him under center. Prescott has helped to mentor Lance this offseason, and praised him earlier this week.

Lance has been grateful for the opportunity to develop a rapport not only with Prescott but with the team’s receivers.

“It’s been great,” Lance said. “Honestly, across the board, I have a ton of time to work with all these guys, whether it is here or outside with Dak and those guys, outside the facility. It’s been great, and the rookies as well have been great coming in, these first few days.”

He also said that taking on a different role—potentially—has not changed his offseason regimen.

“My mindset really hasn’t changed,” Lance said. “I haven’t attacked this offseason any differently. Just worrying about controlling what I can control, continuing to learn the offense, continue to get closer with these guys, the coaching staff as well. Just worrying on that.”

Cowboys Still Have a Mystery Man on Their Hands

The problem for the Cowboys, though, is that they are like the rest of the NFL when it comes to Lance: They have no idea what he can do. Lance has never thrown a pass for the Cowboys and did not appear in a game last season. His entire NFL life has been limited to eight games, and just four starts. He has completed 56 passes for 797 yards.

You don’t need to tell him that, though. Lance is eager to get on the field, even in a preseason game.

“Excited. I’m very excited,” he said. “I haven’t played a snap, obviously, in a live game since last preseason, so I am excited, looking forward to it.”

He has been able to learn more of the Cowboys’ offense, which was not easy last season when he was traded from the 49ers at the end of training camp, just before the start of the season.

“It’s just a different offense,” he said. “In San Francisco, we weren’t really dropping back and passing out of the gun on 1st and 10 too many times. It’s totally different here where we do that. We have the guys to do that and the coaching staff to do it as well.”

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