Dak Prescott’s ‘Yeah, Here We Go’ Cadence: Why Does Cowboys QB Say It?

Dak Prescott

Getty Dak Prescott's cadence "Yeah, here we go" has gone viral during the Dallas Cowboys season.

It is impossible to watch a Dallas Cowboys game without getting Dak Prescott’s, “Yeah, here we go” cadence stuck in your head. Why does Prescott say, “Yeah, here we go” and what is the meaning of the cadence?

You can blame the Cowboys coaching staff for the new viral phrase. During a November 30, 2023 postgame interview with Amazon Prime’s “Thursday Night Football” crew, Prescott revealed that the phrase is to get the entire offensive line set ahead of the snap.

“It’s taken off. Really, we just wanted to make sure that we’re all getting off on the same [time],” Prescott explained. “Use the cadence to our ability and the linemen wanted a little something before [the snap] I guess. For me, really it’s to tell them, ‘Hey stop the communicating. Here we go.’

Prescott admits the cadence was not his idea, but a suggestion by the coaching staff during the offseason. The Cowboys quarterback is getting blamed for the catchy phrase, but it sounds like the quarterback was initially resistant to the idea.

“I think it was the coaches [idea],” Prescott said of the “Here we go” phrase. “Yeah, early in the offseason and they were getting together. And I’m like, if we’re starting off like this, it’s going to be a long offseason.”

Aaron Rodgers Believes Dak Prescott Is Using ‘Here We Go’ to Throw Off Defenses

NFL fans may remember Peyton’s Manning’s signature “Omaha” phrase. Prescott’s “Here we go” has become the league’s new viral phrase of 2023.

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers gushed over Prescott’s play this season. Rodgers believes Prescott’s cadence is more than just a communication for his teammates. The star quarterback sees Prescott using “Here we go” as way to confuse opposing defenses.

“I’m watching him use his cadence beautifully and get into this rhythmic, ‘Here we go’ into using [the cadence] as a dummy sometimes,” Rodgers explained during a November 28 interview on “The Pat McAfe Show.” “Doing it twice into like other cadences. The last four or five weeks I’ve gotten see more of their games. And I just want to say he’s playing the position in a really impressive way.

“And for whatever reason, maybe because he’s the Cowboys quarterback and it’s one of those premier positions in sports like I feel like the Green Bay quarterback has been for a long time and some other positions in various sports,” Rodgers continued.

“He might take a little more s*** than he deserves or maybe it’s deserving of the position, I guess. … I love the way he’s playing, like really playing.”

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Is Firmly in the NFL MVP Conversation

Where Prescott is going is right into the NFL MVP conversation. Prescott’s play has put him among the top quarterbacks this season.

Heading into Week 14, Prescott has thrown for 3,234 yards, 26 touchdowns and just 6 interceptions while completing an impressive 70% of his passes. Prescott’s 6 picks is down significantly from his career-high 15 interceptions in 2022. If Prescott’s play continues, fans may never hear the end of “Here we go.”