Cowboys Put Dak Prescott on Notice With ‘Confusing’ Message

Dak Prescott

Getty The Dallas Cowboys declined to commit to a new contract extension for Dak Prescott.

The Dallas Cowboys declined to address Dak Prescott’s future in owner Jerry Jones’ first public comments since the team’s elimination loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC’s wild-card round. Prescott is heading into the final season of a four-year, $160 million contract.

Prescott is slated to have a $59.4 million cap hit in 2024, making it challenging to build a competitive roster. Jones noted the Cowboys went as far as Prescott could take them in the postseason. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the franchise quarterback and an indication that Dallas wants more from Prescott.

“Dak has done nothing to change my mind of any promise for the future,” Jones told reporters on January 30, 2024, during Senior Bowl practices. “I think I said [previously] that we’d go as far as Dak takes us in the playoffs. Remember that?

“We’ll go as far as Dak takes us, and that’s how far we went. OK, so my point is, that doesn’t change a thing, but we’ll go as far as Dak takes us.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill described Jones’ comments at the Senior Bowl as “confusing.” Jones continued to emphasize the team would take a “holistic” approach to the offseason, including with Prescott’s future.

“Jerry Jones refused to commit signing Dak Prescott to an extension because the team is taking a holistic approach to the offseason but offered this confusing ditty,” Hill posted January 30 on X, referring to Jones’ comments.

Jerry Jones on Dak Prescott’s Playoff Performance: ‘I Think That We as a Team Laid an Egg’

How far did the Cowboys go with Prescott? Despite being a touchdown favorite, the Cowboys lost 48-32 at home in the wild-card round. Jones could be turning up the pressure on Prescott or attempting to emphasize his confidence in a peculiar way.

After his remarks, the Cowboys owner was pressed on his assessment of Prescott’s performance against the Packers. Jones put the blame on the team, bluntly stating the Cowboys “laid an egg.”

“Well, I think that we as a team laid an egg,” Jones responded. “Specifically, I want to say it and respond that way, and you can start here. And I’m not trying to be magnanimous or anything. But you can start here and you can go all the way down the line.

“That was a bad day for us and created a lot of scrutiny on days long before that and long after that. That’s what kind of day it was, and so it’ll be an impactful day. We’ll do things that honor the fact that we didn’t play well against the Packers.”

Cowboys News: Jerry Jones Declined to Rule Out Not Signing Dak Prescott to an Extension

Jones declined to rule out the possibility that the Cowboys could enter the 2024 season with Prescott and Mike McCarthy both on the final year of their contracts. With clauses to prevent the franchise tag or a trade, Prescott has all the leverage in the negotiations.

Dallas could approach Prescott to restructure his deal without an extension, but it would make little financial sense for the quarterback to do so. Despite Jones’ convoluted statements, it still makes the most sense for the Cowboys to ultimately sign Prescott to an extension sooner rather than later.