Former Seahawks Take Shots on Broncos’ Russell Wilson

Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, and Pete Carroll

Getty Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson talking to head coach Pete Carroll.

You would think that if you make it to two Super Bowls and win one, you wouldn’t call out your franchise quarterback, right? That wasn’t the case with former Seattle Seahawks defensive stars Richard Sherman and K.J. Wright.

On September 21st, during “The Richard Sherman Podcast,” both former teammates of Denver Broncos new quarterback Russell Wilson, decided to take shots at Wilson. “He (Wilson) was not held to the same accountability as the rest of us,” Wright said.

Wright also said that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll would bash the defense, but not Wilson. “You bashing the defense, but I need you to at least mention his name (Wilson) in the team meeting room.”

“There wasn’t enough years difference for the accountability thing to be like that. Well, he was young, but he was a year younger than us,” Sherman said.

The All-Pro cornerback even said Carroll chose his Super Bowl winning quarterback over his legendary defense. “When you got 52 guys being held to a certain standard, you got one guy not being held to a standard, then it’s going to cause some friction. After a while it had to get to a point where he chose Russ or the defense. After the Super Bowl loss, he made it pretty clear who he was choosing.”

Sherman has Taken Shots at Wilson Before

After Denver’s 17-16 opening night loss to the Seahawks, Sherman went on his podcast and sure enough, went right after Wilson.

“He still threw for 340 (yards). He was moving the ball, but 4th and five, game on the line, in Seattle, they could’ve put it in his hands and then who you got to blame?”

Now everyone remembers Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett not calling a timeout and running the clock down to 20 seconds to kick a 64-yard field goal. Obviously, Brandon McManus missed the field goal, but it seems a little difficult to blame Wilson for that loss.

Sherman on the other hand thought Wilson should’ve called a timeout earlier than Hackett, but he doesn’t have the power.

“You could see Peyton Manning saying ‘timeout, timeout.’ You know the difference between Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning?” he said. “Russell does not have the power to call that timeout without the sideline. Peyton Manning can call that timeout without the sideline. He’s the coach on the field. He has that respect.”

Sherman has even gone to Twitter to make fun of Wilson, even during Denver’s victory over the Houston Texans last week.

Wilson’s Career in Seattle

Since the 33-year-old quarterback entered the league, Wilson is the winningest quarterback in NFL history during their first 10 seasons. Throwing 292 touchdown passes in his career so far, only Peyton Manning has thrown more (306) in their first 10 seasons in the NFL.

With an overall record of 104-53-1, Wilson has the 2nd most wins from a quarterback since 2012 along with the third most touchdown passes thrown behind only Tom Brady (324) and Aaron Rodgers (317). Wilson’s 101.8 passer rating ranks 5th overall since he’s entered the league.

Wilson is also just one of just four quarterbacks to appear in multiple Super Bowls dating back 2012. Manning, Brady, and Patrick Mahomes are the other three quarterbacks.

It’s fair to say without Wilson at quarterback in Seattle, Sherman doesn’t win his one and only Super Bowl ring and go to the playoffs for five straight seasons.

After being released by the Seahawks in 2018, Sherman signed a three-year deal with Seattle’s division rival, 49ers. Sherman would play against Wilson four times before calling it a career, but only has 2-2 record against No. 3 and never intercepted him. Sherman only knocked down one of Wilson’s passes as well.

The Broncos will host the San Francisco 49ers this week, with the entire world watching on “Sunday Night Football.” There’s no doubt that Sherman will be cheering not only against his former teammate, but he’ll be cheering for his 49ers.

It’s fair to say, that it might be a good idea to follow Sherman’s Twitter Sunday night.