Broncos Under Fire for Missing Out on Justin Fields Trade

Justin Fields

Getty Some Broncos fans were not happy about the team missing out on QB Justin Fields.

The Denver Broncos missed out on another potential quarterback option after Justin Fields was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers on March 16.

Denver is seemingly running out of options to replace Russell Wilson under center and fans are getting antsy. Broncos fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to criticize the organization for missing out on Fields.

“The Broncos couldn’t afford a 6th rounder for Justin Fields? Broncos are competing with the Rockies for the most unserious franchise in Denver,” one fan posted to X on March 17.

Other fans felt Denver would regret missing out on the trade given the low-risk, high-reward potential.

“I’m gonna punch a lot of air when the Broncos end up with Zach Wilson and no QB in the draft when the going price for Justin Fields was so little,” an observer posted.

“Did I want Justin Fields as the long term QB? no, not really but how the hell do you not send a conditional 6th rounder for him? If he plays well flip him at the deadline next season and get more than what you paid for him,” another fan wondered on X.

Mike Klis of 9NEWS Denver made a humorous comparison for all the Broncos’ missed opportunities.

“This QB free agent/trade market feels like Prom night. And Broncos still don’t have a date,” Klis posted.

With QB options fleeting, Will Petersen of Denver Sports put all the pressure on head coach Sean Payton.

“The Broncos could’ve afforded this price. Sean Payton just didn’t want him. He better get this draft pick right,” Petersen posted to X on March 16.

Broncos Writer Wonders if Jarrett Stidham Was Top QB Option All Along

Fields became the latest potential Broncos quarterback option to be traded away during the first week of free agency.

Lou Scataglia of Predominantly Orange thought the team’s inaction on the trade market was by design. Scataglia argued that maybe Denver wanted to stick with Stidham the entire time.

“Jarrett Stidham is somewhere between the 35-45th best quarterback in football,” Scataglia wrote in his March 16 article. “And so is Sam Darnold, and Mac Jones, and Jimmy Garoppolo, and Ryan Tannehill, and Justin Fields, and literally any other veteran QB that some thought the Broncos should have signed/acquired. So I ask, what if Stidham was seen as the bridge guy this entire time?”

Stidham signed a two-year $10 million contract with the Broncos in March 2023. He started the final two games of the regular season after Wilson was benched.

On March 14, Klis reported Denver appeared to be “leaning toward” starting Stidham in the 2024 campaign.

Regardless of rumors, the Broncos’ QB carousel continues spinning for Payton and company.

What Direction Will the Broncos Go at Quarterback in 2024?

The answer to this question may come after the first round of the NFL draft. For now, there are very few veteran quarterback options to turn to.

Tannehill is an option, along with Carson Wentz and Josh Dobbs. Denver got an up-close look at Dobbs in a Week 11 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Dobbs completed 20-of-32 passes for 221 yards, two total touchdowns and an interception in the 21-20 loss.

The Broncos have the No. 12 pick in the NFL draft yet could be out of position of the top QB prospects. Next season will be a much-needed rebuilding year for a team with limited success under center since Peyton Manning retired.

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