Dan Campbell Makes Telling Statement About Personality as Lions Coach

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell looks on before a Dolphins game.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell might come off as a tough guy in the media, but reality shows that he is focused and very thoughtful behind the scenes with his team and his staff.

As a result of his kneecap soliloquy a few months back as well as the fact he’s gone off script a few times in press conferences, fans could be wondering what type of coach they will be inheriting in terms of decision making. Though Campbell sounds like the type of guy who might dig in, the exact opposite is true.

While meeting with the media this week, Campbell was asked about the potential for disagreements between he and his staff. As he said, it’s not something that he is going to let become a problem because he knows when to take some steps back for the betterment of the team.

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Campbell explained:

“Here’s what I’d say about a true alpha. A true alpha knows when it’s time to concede for the betterment of the team. We haven’t had one problem, and we’re not going to be a problem. If we feel like it’s the betterment of the team, and ultimately, if Brad feels it’s one way, what dos the pack feel like? If I’m the odd man out, I got zero problem. It won’t be a problem. I know it won’t. I’m not going to wallow in my own pride. One of the reasons I feel I am here is I am a good listener and people are able to change my mind. Brad and I have final say and we’ll be just fine.”

Campbell admitted that there have already been some disagreements, but the harmony remains within the franchise about how to get the job done. That’s important seeing as everyone will have to work together to pull the Lions out of the mess they have gotten into the last few seasons.

Between Campbell, Holmes, the front office and Shiela Ford Hamp, it seems as if communication is the buzzword at this point in time, which is great news.

Why Dan Campbell Fits Lions

Campbell is a slam dunk fit for Detroit thanks to the fact that he suited up for the team and has embraced his new community from day one. Instead of looking at living in Detroit as a chore or simply another stop, Campbell seems to have genuinely enjoyed it and now that he has risen through the ranks as a coach, he wants to see the team start to have success and understands how to get there. Clearly, during the process, that’s something the Lions saw as well and realized would be a strong fit for them in terms of a coach and a personality for the future.

Campbell’s own ability to understand what he needs to do in order to be successful helps as well, and his emotional intelligence will be a big benefit to the Lions in this vein.

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Why Fans Should Be Excited About Dan Campbell

Folks who weren’t sure of the hire in January should be sold at this point in time after hearing Campbell talk and seeing the staff the Lions have been putting together. Not only does the team have loads of talent in the front office with John Dorsey and Ray Agnew, but they have added elite coaches to the staff, most of whom have NFL experience. That will only help a new coach who doesn’t have coordinator experience. If folks are using Campbell’s press conference as a reason to drag the hire down, the introductory presser should be another reason the fans are motivated. Campbell understands how important the Lions franchise is as well as the city of Detroit, which is a huge win for him.

If he can be a great communicator as well, it might only help him to improve his chances of being a successful head coach in the league.

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