Surprising Lions Player Said to Be on ‘Hot Seat’ for 2022 Performance

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell on the field before a 2022 game in Chicago.

The Detroit Lions have maintained one of the top 10 offenses in the NFL this season, and their quarterback has been having a halfway decent season as a result.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the team might be angling for a change at the position in the future. Even though Jared Goff has played well, his play has still left a lot to be desired for a lot of people.

Coming into the 2022 season, Goff was already seen as on the hot seat for some given the stature of the team and where they were at in the rebuild. Pushing through midseason, very little of that has changed, at least in the mind of ESPN.

In a piece, ESPN analysts examined who was on the “hot seat” for various teams, and the answer for Detroit remained Goff according to Eric Woodyard thanks to an inconsistent year.

“Not much has changed since the offseason. Goff is aware this is a huge year for his career, as he’s trying to prove he’s still a starter in the league in case the Lions decide to go in another direction come the offseason. Goff and the Lions’ offense got off to a hot start, leading the league in points per game through the first four weeks, before going cold with five straight losses. But they have recently turned it around with back-to-back wins for the first time since Weeks 6-7 of the 2020 season,” Woodyard wrote.

Goff has been alright for the Lions, but in the future, the team might be searching for better than alright given the need for dynamic playmaking at the position in the league. So far this season, Goff hasn’t necessarily provided that at quarterback even as he’s won a few games.

Down the stretch, Goff will have to prove he can get the job done in a bigger way and start to have more dynamic games if he wants to work himself off any hot seat, real or implied.

The Lions could choose to move on from Goff even if everything doesn’t fall apart. It will be interesting to see if that plays out or not down the stretch.

Heavy Insider: Goff’s Lions’ Future Uncertain

Heavy Sports NFL insider Matt Lombardo was asked the question about Goff in a Week 10 mailbag and provided an interesting answer after chatting with an NFL agent who has an ear to the ground about the offseason already.

As was explained, Goff is far from safe in Detroit right now.

“Absolutely not,” an agent familiar with the quarterback market, and the Lions’ thinking, told Heavy. “He hasn’t done nearly enough, and they are going to be within range to get one of the top quarterbacks coming out [in the 2023 draft].”

For this reason, Lombardo goes on to predict that Goff’s days could be numbered in the Motor City, perhaps barring a late-season turnaround.

“Barring some miraculous turnaround from Goff — and even then, the cap space is far more valuable from a team-building standpoint than a middling veteran quarterback — it would seem the former No. 1 overall draft pick is entering his final nine games in a Lions uniform,” Lombardo wrote.

Even if the Lions move on from Goff, the team could keep him around as the backup, however, he would be expensive. At that point, the Lions might find moving on to be a bit easier if they do elect to go away from Goff.

It’s pretty clear the team may not be set on Goff completely moving forward, which could be a huge reason the quarterback is seen as being on the hot seat for his play in 2022.

Goff Enjoying Solid 2022 Season With Lions

The Lions have seen their quarterback do a decent job this season all things considered. Goff has been far from the biggest problem that the Lions have had, even though he has struggled at times.

So far this season through Week 10, Goff has thrown for 2,277 yards, 15 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Goff has struggled with turnovers and fumbles through the last few weeks of the season, but in a two-game win streak for Detroit, has 3 scores to just 1 interception.

While Goff has played decently, the game against Chicago offered a glimpse at the excitement a young quarterback can provide. Justin Fields has to hone his skills but is a big play waiting to happen.

Goff calmly helped the Lions win the game, but has not been nearly as dynamic this season. As a result of that, it’s more than possible the Lions think about drafting a quarterback with a high pick this year.