Lineman Calls for Lions to Rally, Re-Establish a Defensive Identity

Isaiah Buggs

Getty Isaiah Buggs shoves an Eagles defender in 2022.

While things have not gone as planned at all for the Detroit Lions on defense to start the 2022 season, that does not mean a turnaround cannot happen.

Detroit will be getting lots of players back healthy in the coming weeks, and as that happens, the team can get stronger in terms of depth. They can also get stronger in terms of their own improvements and work ethic by staying mentally sound.

Heading into a vital matchup against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 7, that’s just what defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs is banking on. Even as strong as the Cowboys are, Buggs admitted it’s all about the game plan and a chance for the team to take on a new identity.

“They got a great back and they got great offensive linemen. They’re gonna give us our best and we got to give them our best. We got to execute the game plan well. Like the coaches said, we’re changing some stuff up and and that’s going to be the good thing about this game. We’re gonna get a chance to identify ourself again.”

Specifically, as Buggs said, while the Cowboys represent a tough challenge, it’s always going to be more about what the Lions can do at the end of the day and how they can improve no matter the competition.

“You know it’s not about them, it’s about us. They’re a good team, we’re a good team. Everybody in this league is a good team and we just got to find a way to win,” he said.

Finding that win may come down to finding an identity and edge that has been missing most of the year for the team on the defensive side.

Buggs: Lions Work on Defensive Problems Together

How will the Lions find a way to improve when their problems seem so immense? As Buggs said, they simply have taken the time to identify problems specifically and then find the fixes on the field.

“Basically like the coaches said, we find a problem, we fix it and we work on that and we all come together as a team and buy in. We can get better in in every aspect of the game, from the front end to the back end we all need improvement,” he said. “It’s not one single person or a single group, it’s everybody and that’s why we had this bye week to reassess ourselves and we get ready to go to work.”

Many have chosen to point fingers at either the defensive line or the backfield so far in terms of the biggest problem spot. As Buggs seems to know, the Lions have troubles all over the field and simply have to work on everything together.

It seems as if that’s just what the team has been trying to do during the bye to get back on the right page.

Buggs Recently Praised Fit With Detroit

Buggs has helped provide Detroit a boost in the trenches so far, and after signing with the team, he has loved what he has seen.

On Twitter, the lineman shared a great sentiment about his new team and city. As he said, he loves Detroit and wants to stick around a while.

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“I love Detroit Definitely Want To Be Here Long Term,” Buggs tweeted.

The good news for Buggs? He could be in the right place providing he keeps playing well. The team has rewarded players in the past who have stepped in and provided them something such as Charles Harris last year.

Buggs seems to enjoy where he’s at, and the Lions seem to enjoy having him just as much. With his continued solid play and leadership, the Lions could be in good shape moving forward to turn the page on defense.

As the lineman said himself, the opportunity is there for the team to do just that in the days ahead.

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