Lions’ Jameson Williams Fires Warning to Speedy WR Tyreek Hill: ‘I’d Get Him’

Jameson Williams

Getty Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams made a bold claim about his speed versus the speed of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

Veteran wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been the consensus fastest player in the NFL since he debuted in 2016. As a rookie, he reached more than 23 mph on a play in the open field.

This season, Hill leads the NFL with four plays of 21.5 mph or more according to Next Gen Stats. Hill’s 22.01 mph run in Week 5 is the second-fastest recorded speed this season.

But that didn’t mean much to Detroit Lions wideout Jameson Williams, who suggested to The Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett on December 7 that he could beat Hill in a race.

“I feel like I’m faster,” Williams told Birkett. “I feel like I’d get him. I just got to showcase it.

“When I get the ball in some space, I’m going to show y’all, for sure.”

Lions’ Jameson Williams Claims ‘I’d Place’ at the Olympics

It wasn’t just Hill that Williams put on notice during his conversation with Birkett.

It’s often discussed among NFL fans how the fastest wide receivers and defensive backs would do in Olympic track competitions. Williams argued that if he competed at the Olympics, he would perform well.

“”I know if I go to the Olympics, though, I’d place,” Williams told Birkett. “One hundred (meters), 200, 400, any race.”

Williams hasn’t reached Hill-like speed on the speedometer yet this season. But he’s not far off. On December 3 against the New Orleans Saints, Williams reached 20.7 mph on his 19-yard touchdown run.

That is his top speed of the season. But Williams has made other splash plays with his legs.

He caught a 45-yard touchdown versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6. In the first matchup against the Chicago Bears, Williams had a 32-yard touchdown.

All 3 of Williams’ receiving touchdowns in his 14 career NFL games have been at least 32 yards. He also had a 41-yard rushing score last season.

Despite those dazzling plays, Williams added when speaking to Birkett that he’s “waiting on the perfect play to showcase” his top speed.

“It’s not like I’m out there not trying to run fast,” he said. “I’m running as fast as I can, but when I get the ball in space, I’ll open up for sure.”

Williams Sparks Lions With TD Celebration

Another notable trait of Hill’s is his creativity when he reaches the end zone. Williams displayed a little bit of his own artistry after rushing for his 19-yard score on December 3.

When he reached the goal line, Williams dove head-first into the end zone. He then did several tumbles on the ground while appearing to be laughing.

“I do it cause I really know some people on the team might get excited by it,” Williams told reporters on December 7. “It might bring the energy up for the next man. Next man might see that and be like, ‘Yeah, let me go do something, just make a play or something.’

“So it’s really, like, energy-boosting for the team.”

Williams might be able to match Hill’s celebration energy, and he claims to be just as fast, if not faster. But Williams has a lot of work to do in order to reach Hill’s production.

Hill leads the NFL with 1,481 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns this season. In eight NFL seasons, Hill has posted 691 receptions, 9,821 receiving yards and 75 touchdowns.

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