Chiefs’ Andy Reid Reveals Hilarious Nickname for Super Bowl Trick Play TD

Andy Reid

Getty A tip of the cap from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid after Super Bowl LVII.

Wait until you hear the latest behind-the-scenes story from the Super Bowl.

During a one-on-one interview with NBC Sports insider Peter King, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid revealed a hilarious nugget of information on one of the offensive play-calls that helped win KC the game versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

On the deceptive touchdown pass where wide receiver Kadarius Toney slipped out into the flats on a play-action walk-in TD from Patrick Mahomes II, Reid told King that he’s “going to give you a [nick]name for it.” He went on: “It’s called corn dog.”

King seemed unable to hold back his disbelief. “It’s called what??” He exclaimed. “Corn dog,” Reid reiterated. When King doubted his seriousness, Big Red replied that there’s “nothing better than a good corn dog with some mustard and ketchup.”

“But [Mahomes] doesn’t step into the huddle and say corn dog?” King questioned after a long pause, to which Reid responded: “Oh no, he says corn dog [in the huddle].” Quite frankly, the entire exchange was too funny and has since gone viral with over 160,000 views.

Chiefs’ Andy Reid Speaks Highly of Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

During his postgame press conference on February 13, Big Red was very complementary of his quarterback — as you’d expect.

“Listen, he grew up in a locker room,” Reid began while speaking to the toughness of Mahomes. “He’s seen the greats, and he strives to be the greatest. Without saying anything, that’s the way he works. He wants to be the greatest player ever, that’s what he wants to do and that’s the way he goes about his business.”

The Chiefs HC added that “he does it humbly [too]. There’s no bragging — he could stand up here and give you these stats that are incredible that he’s had but he’s never going to do that, that’s just not him. And so, we appreciate that.”

Big Red also spilled on what he told Mahomes after the pair won their second Super Bowl title together.

“I told him I love him, and I’m proud of him,” Reid detailed, “for leading the way there [in the second half] … He’s a humble kid and he works his tail off. As a coach, you respect everything that he does.”

“The great quarterbacks make everybody around them better,” he praised earlier in the Q&A, “including the head coach.”

The Respect Is Mutual Between Patrick Mahomes & Andy Reid

Mahomes also called Reid “one of the greatest coaches of all time” during his postgame presser on Sunday night.

He added: “I think everyone knew that but these last two Super Bowls kind of cemented that. To have someone that is such a great person, who gets the best out of the players to become men, and players, you wanted to do that, you wanted to win those Super Bowls for him and it’s great that we did that.”

The Chiefs QB also sent a bit of a warning to the rest of the NFL, noting that “we’re not done,” and he’s “going to have [Reid] around here for a little bit longer at least.” Big Red did confirm multiple times after the game that he’s not even considering retirement at this time and will be back in 2023, 100%.

It feels like the Reid-Mahomes tag team is just getting started, and that means there are plenty more trick plays like “corn dog” and “snow globe” that are right around the corner.